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Phenylethylamine: Love Chemical

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Why do guys always give chocolates and flowers to the one they like or love? Why do these things the main symbols of courtship? Except of course the song they offer to serenade the woman he is courting… Why do these things considered as a peace offering?

I have learned in our Biochemistry class that chocolates are composed of a chemical known as Phenylethylamine which have a physiological effect in our body. It causes changes in blood pressure and blood-sugar levels leading to feelings of excitement and alertness. It works like amphetamines to increase mood and decrease depression, but it does not result in the same tolerance or addiction. Phenylethylamine is also called the “love chemical” because it causes your pulse rate to increase, resulting in a similar feeling to when someone is in love. It is also said that this certain chemical is also present in the petals of a rose.

To the ladies, don’t be fooled by the things your suitors gave you. Be sure in making your decisions… or else… oh well, I don’t know! LOL! For the gents, now you know all these, make sure that you always give chocolates or roses when courting. It will definitely help you in making the girl fall for you and give her sweet yes. LOL!



LittleNars now ON DUTY

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

They say that “When you are a nurse, you know every day that you will touch lives and a life will touch yours…” Even though I am not yet a nurse— Nurse, I can feel that I have touched lives through my clinical exposures and many lives touched mine as I hear their stories and attend to their needs.

Putting my “still” wet hair in a bun, wearing my chemise and white stockings, wearing my white shoes that is newly cleaned and will easily be dirty as I got out of our house, wearing my well-ironed white uniform that will get grubby as my shift end, wearing just my wrist watch as an accessory, wearing my ID and nameplate all throughout the day and wearing my big, triangular nursing cap (yes, I have a big, triangular cap… that is the shape of the official FEU cap)— I don’t mind because I know that I will gain U$ dollars in the near future…LOL!

Kidding aside, I know that there is a mutual relationship that is built in every patient that I will encounter. Not only that I can help them with the service I render but also they can teach me and show me the reality which not everyone has the chance to discover.

Welcome to

Join me, as I narrate to you the chronicles of a Filipina Student Nurse. I hope you could also share your stories, learning and realizations about this niche with me.


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