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Family minus F equals…

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Each of us desires to have a stable family of their own. We dreamt of a perfect family we could ever even fathom. I am sure everyone knows that a family comprises of a father a mother and a child or better, children. I can clearly remember of how my grade school teacher wrote the word FAMILY in the blackboard one sunny day. It was bold and capitalized. She finished it with an underline and said that it literally meant Father, Mother, I Love You but what if one of them is out of the picture? then, here comes the tough part. Broken families… could it still be called a family or just another “group of people”?

Incomplete, Abandoned, Unwanted, Discriminated, Separated, Imperfect, Unfortunate, Broken… those were the words connected to a family who has fallen apart, this is the social stigma attached to them. A family is supposed to be intact, united, loving and nourishing but due to some instances, it doesn’t. Living in a modern world today, I am aware of the many families crashing down. I have friends and I have myself to testify to that. Failed marriages, Unwanted pregnancies, Illegitimacies are the most common reasons for this. Yes, I am from a broken home. Some keep it as a secret because of the aforementioned reasons, they are shy and ashamed but I chose not to.

For 9 years now, I have been living with my hardworking, persistent and loving mother, who is a mother and father all in one for us. She has the most amazing and challenging job in the world being a solo parent. She never fails to provide us with everything though I know she is having a hard time considering that she doesn’t receive any help from my father but she always manage. I really admire her for that.


Our right to talk…

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

“While the right to talk maybe the beginning of freedom, the necessity of listening is what makes the right important.”

Some says freedom is having the right to express yourself without suffering consequences. In the same manner, one way of expressing our freedom is our right to talk. On the other side of my thinking, I asked, What is the sense of our right to talk if nobody or no one just even tries or dares to listen? Will there be freedom or at least a chance to practice it?

I believe that listening is the starter and the main essence of exercising our right to talk for without it, there is no point of having that right in the first place. Listening or having a listener is a necessity. It should always be present, if not, you’ll just talk to yourself even if you have the most brilliant or the solutions to the problems of the world… It will just be wasted and be gone with the wind.

*this was my assignment for my speech class, we were asked to explain the quotation above and this was graded 96% — high enough for me…=)

Philippine Justice System: My point of view

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I have never had my own experience relating to Philippine justice system nor have I found myself guilty of violating laws or whatsoever but being aware of the injustices happening in our society nowadays makes me think and worry, what will happen to me if ever I was on the hot seat and experiencing something that involves justice in the Philippines?

Justice in the Philippines from what I can hear and see is very difficult to achieve. I know this may sound a cliché to you but I believe it is true. If you happen to be oppressed, this is a right that you can never practice but if you happen to be rich and has many “big” connections, it is just as easy as one snap of a finger. Prejudice is very evident unlike in other countries. Our government should take actions regarding this matter but I doubt they will because they themselves happen to be involved in such controversies.

Maybe in this materialistic and selfish world most of us can never attain justice that is right for us but in God’s eyes, we will find the perfect verdict.

*This was my assignment for my Nursing Ethics and Jurisprudence concept, this is 200+ words but the real instruction was 100 words only. We were asked to write about what can we say on our justice system in our country. I didn’t get the chance to know my grade but I believe that there is not right or wrong answer in this essay. =)

Bayaning Third World: My Reaction

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

The most common thing or if I may say the only thing that people answer when you ask them about Jose Rizal is that he is our national hero— idol and he is found in our 1-peso coin— icon. Sad to say that, in our modern times today, people have very limited knowledge about our national hero. The facts above are the only two things most of us know about Jose Rizal but for historians and experts; they have so much adjectives to connect with our national hero.

Bayaning Third World, a “detective” story about Rizal being Philippine’s National Hero. Commenting on the movie per se, at first I thought it was some boring documentary about Rizal but understanding the facts exposed made me interested. The film was in black and white but it didn’t hindered my amusement because of the funny way they presented the most serious facts about Rizal. The movie was easy to understand if you were able to read about his life story or if you have tackled his life in your Filipino or Rizal subject but if not, you may get confused. Good thing, I have read and we have tackled his life in our lecture— that helped me follow through the film. This film also highlighted Rizal being a “Pilosopo” which reflected the Filipino attitude both in a good and not so good way. They also showed Rizal’s letters and documents which was commonly taken for granted to unveil the truth about his controversies. The movie made it “viewer-friendly” by face to face interviews with the persons involved and that is why I appreciated Rizal’s significant others behind their names.


Defense Mechanisms: My style…

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

I had a quiz a while ago on my psychiatric nursing concept about psychiatric drugs, defense mechanisms and different theories regarding human development and interpersonal relationships. While reviewing during our break, my group and I brainstormed about the different examples of defense mechanisms because it is very confusing. We argued and everything. I thought what I know was enough but it was not. I still failed the quiz with just a point away from passing. I was quite disappointed because I could have passed if I followed my first instinct nevertheless, I would like to give you the “lay-man’s” meaning and examples of each defense mechanism and let’s see of which applies to you.

1. Compensation– You excel on other things to make up for your deficiencies
example: “I am not that beautiful and so I will study hard to be the Top 1 in class.”

2. Conversion– It is something you feel biologically when stressed or pressured
example: A student experienced stomach ache before taking her examination

3. Denial– A person fails to admit or perceive a particular situation
example: The wife can’t believe that her husband is now dead.

4. Displacement– You let your feelings out to a less threatening thing
example: Your boss got mad at you, when you got out of the office, you slammed the door or you got angry to your girlfriend

5. Identification– You imitate a person through physical attributes
example: A girl blonds her hair because she wanted to be Britney Spears

6. Intellectualization– “No Emotions”
example: The girl was telling her friend that her grandfather died with no emotional expressions at all

7. Introjection– Imitating/portraying attitude, values or beliefs of another person (usually someone superior)
example: The leader of the group acted like her professor to be respected by her group mates.

8. Projection– You blame other things/people where in fact, it applies to you
example: You are mad to your friend who is very defensive where in fact, you are the one who is defensive

9. Rationalization– Giving excuses for one’s faults to avoid conflicts or low self-esteem
example: A girl bumped into a side mirror of a car while walking at the same time texting, she blames the side mirror for the pain she experienced.

10. Reaction Formation– “Being Plastic” You exhibit the opposite feelings towards a thing or situation
example: You were mad at your friend but you tell our other friends that she is very nice

11. Regression– Going back to the times when you were a kid
example: A teen-ager stomped her feet and cried when she wasn’t allowed to go to the party

12. Repression– “Mother of all defense mechanisms” You eventually forget unwanted experiences as time passes
example: The girl doesn’t cry anymore 6 months after her mother died but she still feels the pain

13. Isolation– “being objective” “being professional”
example: You hate your professor for dismissing you late but when you talk to her and asked for something, you forget that she dismisses you late and not get mad

14. Sublimation– Venting out to acceptable behavior to make up for unacceptable behavior
example: A person who likes gossips became a entertainment column writer

15. Suppression– Conscious forgetting of certain unwanted feeling or situation
example: A student doesn’t want to talk about grades after receiving a failing mark on an exam

16. Undoing– “Making-up” for your faults or mistakes
example: A friend forgot to greet you on your birthday, he gave you a cake the next day.

17. Dissociation– temporary alteration in a person’s consciousness
example: A girl was raped, when she was asked to narrate the story the day after, she forgot the details of the incident

After our review, we applied those terms for us to easily remember everything and it was fun because we got to analyze each situation. Giving examples to each kinds is more effective than merely memorizing each meaning.

What defense mechanisms apply to me? Can I say… All of the above? Well… it depends on the situation! LOL! But I believe UNDOING is the favorite defense mechanism not only for men but also for women thinking that they gain benefits instantly. LOL!

How about you?=D

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