Philippine Justice System: My point of view

July 30th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

I have never had my own experience relating to Philippine justice system nor have I found myself guilty of violating laws or whatsoever but being aware of the injustices happening in our society nowadays makes me think and worry, what will happen to me if ever I was on the hot seat and experiencing something that involves justice in the Philippines?

Justice in the Philippines from what I can hear and see is very difficult to achieve. I know this may sound a cliché to you but I believe it is true. If you happen to be oppressed, this is a right that you can never practice but if you happen to be rich and has many “big” connections, it is just as easy as one snap of a finger. Prejudice is very evident unlike in other countries. Our government should take actions regarding this matter but I doubt they will because they themselves happen to be involved in such controversies.

Maybe in this materialistic and selfish world most of us can never attain justice that is right for us but in God’s eyes, we will find the perfect verdict.

*This was my assignment for my Nursing Ethics and Jurisprudence concept, this is 200+ words but the real instruction was 100 words only. We were asked to write about what can we say on our justice system in our country. I didn’t get the chance to know my grade but I believe that there is not right or wrong answer in this essay. =)

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