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Result of Nursing Licensure Examination of June 2008

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

The result of the Nursing Board Examination for June 2008 is now released. 27,765 out of 64,459 passed the Nursing Licensure Examination for June 2008.

Three Top Notchers are from FEU-MANILA and they are:


I am sure that you will have your big tarpaulin at FEU’s Technical Building maybe on Monday. LOL! Congratulations! May the Tamaraw spirit be with you as you live your chosen career. (sooo jealous! LOL!) I am not sure of how many percent is the passing rate of FEU but I hope it is high enough to maintain the credibility of the school.

For the complete list of the top 10, click here.

Congratulations to all the Nursing Licensure Exam Passers! You deserved it. Soon I will be the one taking that exam and I hope, I really hope that I will also be able to see my name at the Passing list. Good Luck and God Bless to you RNs. May you possess all the desirable characteristics of a nurse in serving humanity.

For the complete list of the NLE passers, click here.

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: The Glitch

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

I am sure everyone knows that the band Eraserheads will be having their reunion concert this August 30, 2008 at the CCP Open Grounds. Upon knowing that it was sponsored by Malboro, I was shocked.

I learned in my Community Organizing concept about the RA 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003. It is stated in here that:

Section 26. Ban on Sponsorships. – Beginning 1 July 2008, cigarette and tobacco companies are hereby prohibited from sponsoring any sport, concert, cultural art or event, as well as individual and team athletes, artists, or performers where such sponsorship shall required or involve the advertisement or promotion of any cigarette or tobacco company, tobacco product or tobacco use, name, logo or trademarks and other words, symbols, designs, colors or other depictions commonly associated with or likely to identify a tobacco product; Provided further, That no manufacturer may register a tobacco brand name as a company name after the passage of this Act.

So clearly, this Republic Act was violated. I am not against Eraserheads. I actually wanted to watch their concert. My classmate even told me to register to get tickets at Malboro’s website. You should be 18 years old and above to be able to register and you must present an I.D where they can validate your age. Though they see to it that participants in this event are 18 years old and above and it was stated in RA 9211 that:

Section 25. Restrictions on Sponsorships. Beginning 1 July 2006:
a. No sponsorship shall be provided for:
1) an event or activity which bears a tobacco product brand name, unless there is reasonable basis to believe that all persons who compete, or otherwise taken an active part, in the sponsored events or activities, are person eighteen (18) years of age or older;
2) a team or individual bearing a tobacco product name, unless all persons under eighteen (18) years of age or older;
3) a sponsored event or activity reasonably believed to be particular appear to persons under eighteen (18) years old.
b. Tobacco brand sponsorship shall be prohibited except where there is a reasonable basis to believe that:
1) attendance at the sponsored event or activity will comprise no less than seventy-five percent (75%) persons at least eighteen years of age or older;
2) the sponsored event or activity will not be of particular appeal to persons under eighteen (18) years old;
3) the sponsored event or activity will not receive exposure, other than as a news item, on television or radio or the Internet, unless such exposure complies with the provisions of this Act governing tobacco marketing through those media; and
4) the principal activity associated with the sponsorship does not require above-average physical fitness for someone of the age group of those taking part.
c. All persons authorized to bear tobacco product advertisement, logos and brand names at sponsored events shall be at least eighteen (18) years old.
d. All forms of advertising associated with or ancillary to sponsorship shall comply with the marketing provisions of this Act.

It isn’t an excuse. There was a new policy implemented, why is there such a big glitch existing like this? This is not to be nerdy and all. I am just concerned. A lot of people doesn’t know about this law but I, I want some explanation regarding the said matter.

Politics? Greed Purposes? Hmmmm…


Just an update…

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Just an update from my E-learning blues…

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend again because of heavy rains, interrupted LRT operation, also the main purpose of me going to school are my group mates whom incidentally are not there also, I have to get something from them and so I didn’t attend. Actually, I was ready to go to school, I has holding my money and ready to go out of the rain when I learned that they weren’t there, I immediately retrieve.

My mom was able to read my blog about this. She knew that I am not attending this class because at times, she is also here at home… She read my post in front of me and then she just said…

“Dianne, umattend ka na nga, binabayaran ko yan ehh…”

and so, my conscience bugged me so much and that I said to her…

“Oo, sige sa susunod na schedule aattend na ko…”

Hopefully, I can attend it already… I am soooooo hoping… =)

E-learning Blues…

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Thursdays were supposed to be my rest day… but sadly, I have this “E-Learning” thing that I have to attend. This is a special class where in I have to sit in front of computer, watch videos and read modules for maximum of four hours about a certain lesson. This is 5% of our lecture grade for NCM 103-B which is our major subject for this semester.

This E-learning thing started when I was in level III. I finished all the modules during the first semester of my third level but when I learned that it didn’t affect my grade, I become lazy attending this class and that is why during my second semester on my third level, I wasn’t able to finish it.

Dianne, Mag-eelearning ka ba? Wag na! Nakakatamad ehh… di naman nakakaappekto sa grade yann…
Dianne, what time e-learning natin?
Di ako magee-learning gagawa ako ng homework at mag-aaral…
Di ako magee-learning, uwi ako ng probinsya ehh…
Di ako magee-learning, matutulog lang ako buong araw…

Those were the phrases you would often hear during Wednesdays…

They say that E-learning is our training for our NCLEX examination if we want to go abroad. True enough, it really does. In some ways, it helped me understand my lessons with the videos and notes it gives. I don’t know how much it cost but surely, it isn’t cheap and this is one of the reasons why I have high tuition fee. They also say that this E-learning thing is exclusive for FEU only, no CDs are available and it is not available on the internet. This is a program from other country and that is why we should be lucky for having this opportunity but are we?

I am sure that my fellow batch mates have the same feelings as mine. I mean, we are given a rest day but we can’t have it. Given the fact that we are so bombarded with school works and overflowing toxicity with just about everything, we really need some time for ourselves. I see the importance of this e-learning and I know that it is for our own good but I believe it’s not healthy anymore.

I am guilty of having not to attend at this e-learning class because I have “more” important things to do like group works and for my community immersion. At times, I arrive late because I have to catch up with my sleep and usually e-learning schedule is as early as 7:00 AM.

I am having a hard time doing my e-learning because mistakes in the exercises given could mean a 5-minute penalty. You have to wait for 5 minutes before you can continue your module. It’s a lot of time especially if you are cramming to finish the module. Videos ran for 1 hour or more before you can move on to the next, imagine the time… now you see why there are a lot of US who take for granted this class…

As what I have said, I know the importance of it but the importance of it is for the future… how about the NOW? I have sooooo friggin’ big and bulging eye bags… I need some rest and I need to fulfill more important things that comprises the NOW which I am talking about.

Tomorrow, I will attend my e-learning class but definitely, I will be late again. See how “Pasaway” I am? I just prioritize the NOW things and things, which have higher weight if I don’t fulfill it. Am I not doing the right thing?

I am just against this. I am sorry I have to blog about it… LOL!

Being a nurse…

Friday, July 11th, 2008

One message I received from my friend…

Being a nurse isn’t about grades. It’s about being who we are. No book can teach you how to be emphatic. No class can teach you how to tell a family that their parents are dying. No professor can teach you how to find dignity in giving someone a bed bath. A nurse is not about the pills, the charting. It’s about being able to LOVE people when they are at their weakest moments.

One text message that speaks a lot about nurses. Oh well, bed bath is not that easy (one fact about me: I got 56%, yes a failing mark in one of my return demonstrations during my sophomore years for the reason that I didn’t big a large towel. pfft.) Charting may seem monotonous but charting is considered one legal document and that with a single mistake, it can endanger your license as a nurse. Charting is not easy because every individual is not of the same level of health. Every individual is unique that you need to render special interventions focused on each of their needs. I have a lot to say about nursing but since I also got “a lot” of things to do, I would stop here first and wait for my next post.

I am so in high level of toxicity because of my community organizing concept (to be blogged soon..LOL!). I miss clinical setting. =( (I just stole some minutes in my studying time just to post this. LOL! i hope it does make sense…)

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