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August 2nd, 2008 by Dianne Peña

Far Eastern University, Institute of Nursing has this rotation of schedules for duties and lectures. They shift schedules every grading period to rotate the students equally in their clinical exposure and not to come in conflict with their lecture days. Two days will be spent for lecture, three days for clinical exposure and one day for our rest day.

Last preliminary period, I have a Monday-Wednesday duty days and Friday-Saturday lecture days which make Thurdays a rest day for me which I haven’t felt because of busy schedule.
Now that we are on the Midterm period, my schedule is now Monday-Tuesday lecture days and Wednesday-Friday duty days, which make Saturdays my rest day. It’s a good thing for I can rest for two consecutive days considering that the next day is Sunday.

If you would connect this blog entry to my “E-learning Blues” post, Saturdays are now my E-learning day and I was able to attend it. Finally! Though I arrived late, I was able to finish at least 2 topics. I was somewhat dismayed when I learned that the E-learning people closed the module that I am previously doing which means that I can’t continue it anymore and gives me a 0(Zero) mark on each quizzes in that particular module. Poor me! Anyway, I will try to finish the module that I am into right now which is about Acute Biologic Crisis.

Congratulate me for I have attended my E-learning the second time! LOL! *claps for me… I have my e-learning schedule on all Saturdays of August. Hopefully (Again…) I can attend to all of those.

What a long introduction… BOW!

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