Experience Deprivation

August 14th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

One thing I learned at our VINES exposure yesterday:

Never compromise the experience you can have into something lighter just to avoid or prevent frustrations. Let the worse comes to worst because with the worst, you will gain the best learning you can ever possess.- dianne

It’s just sad that some of the experience that I should have experienced was not met because (I don’t want to talk about it. Conflict just around the corner…LOL!) Maybe that experience will happen again years from now and it sucks (I feel our group {just the 6 of us} are the only ones who didn’t experience it). It’s so disappointing because I really want to experience everything into its fullest even if there are frustrations rather than experiencing a little with no frustrations (with the same learning) because it’s harder to accept the learning if you are not satisfied with your experience.

Now I am only left to count years… *sigh

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One Response to “Experience Deprivation”

  1. philos Says:

    Like what I always tell my interns, try to get the best out of your rotation, you always learn something, even in the most toxic (or boring for that matter) rotation.

    Cheer up, with your attitude, there’d be more to come yet! 🙂

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