Registered Murderer

August 16th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

I always envision myself as a registered nurse since I took up B.S Nursing. I even affix “R.N” after my name (which is indeed a violation) and see if it sounds good. Also, I always put the phrase “Future RN” in one of my accounts on the web. To my delight, yes, it does fit my name so good. It even feels good.

However, during my VINES rotation, there was a sudden change of cold weather.

It brought deaths of my patients… (dummies considered as real patients)

Then, I found a new profession…

“RM” a Registered Murderer (instead of RN, which is a Registered Nurse)
(We joked about it but on the other side, it isn’t funny)

From Day 1 to Day 4, I wasn’t able to save lives. All the patients who needs resuscitation was left not resuscitated despite of all the efforts because of a few little mistakes.

I killed Hal (refer to my previous post)
I killed the baby with a case of cord prolapse (but I saved the mother, being a high-risk pregnant)
I killed another baby who coded after delivery (it should be Pedi Blue but he wasn’t available during our simulation)

Fatality with just simple mistakes pffft! Mistakes that I won’t elaborate anymore.


(during simulations and not just on theories)

My time being a student is not getting any longer. Oh well, at least I learned. Next time, I will be very careful with my actions because in the near future, DUMMY TIME IS OVER.

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