My Journal for Psychiatric Nursing Concept 02

August 26th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

During the first day of our exposure in the National Center for Mental Health, we have had a self-awareness awareness activity facilitated by our clinical instructor. Our group had a sharing about our dreams, fears and frustrations. I won’t tell it anymore because it is confidential. With that activity, I felt our group become more bonded. Incidentally, the day before, we also had a self-awareness activity facilitated by our lecturer where in, we will write other people’s positive and negative qualities and vice-versa but unfortunately, we haven’t got the chance to explain what and why have we written such things and so, we got our duty time to have an open-forum regarding that since it is related anyway. Again, I will not emphasis on what have we discussed anymore but one thing that I have learned is that “Difference in perception can alter your intentions…”

Before making a decision or doing things, we think of the pros and cons it will bring as well as our intentions whether it is good or bad. I believe everyone never intends to hurt anybody — or at least for me. Being a good person, I intend to do no harm to others both physically and emotionally but it’s a sad reality that with people’s indifference it becomes the other way around. Instead of you being the hero, you become the zero, which equates to no good.

The open-forum that we had really made me into a conclusion that indeed, people have different understanding of things, they may think of it negatively which make you earn points on them to take grudges or hard feelings on you unconsciously. I sometimes can’t understand why people judge your action incongruent to what your real purpose is but still I understand. I try and think that there are certain factors about people which affects their line of thinking, maybe that is just their personality— to be pessimistic, maybe they have problems and they are very sensitive, maybe that is what her previous experiences taught him to be or the worse is, he possesses all of those factors.

Encountering such people is inevitable because that is the way our lives here on earth goes. At times, it frustrates me because what is the point of me thinking for the good of others if they would look at it as something hurtful for them? Nevertheless, with that incident, I just said sorry for having offended them because I believe that is the right thing to do. I will just continue doing what I know is good regardless of what their judges would be but only this time, I would be more careful with my words and actions. I just hope people will approach me whenever I happened to hurt them. That is one way of me improving myself— no hard feelings.

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