My Journal for Psychiatric Nursing Concept 04

August 26th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence or whatsoever. I am now fond of reading Paulo Coelho books. Recently, I finished the book “Veronica Decides To Die” which is about insanity that coincides with our Maladaptive Disorder concept. I have read in that book that “Insane” persons are afraid to come out at the asylum or mental institution because they don’t have the courage to face the world outside because of the social stigma attached to them even if they are already well or at least manageable.

I have proven this right because during one of my duties at the National Center for Mental Health, I have learned that my patient was finally discharged after years but on her way home via ferryboat, she jumped at the ocean. In that incident, I immediately concluded that there is anxiety and fear in her heart that is hindering her to be “normal” again. I feel that she doesn’t know how to start her life over again outside the walls of the institution. She also puzzled if she will still be accepted by her family and friends after what she have gone through.

This is not to judge my client but I feel that the wellness of a mentally challenged person depends on how other people treats them especially with their loved ones. Patients have the strong will to get well but are just lacking the courage to step out of their own worlds. We must have an accepting, understanding and caring attitude when dealing with them. We should be non-judgemental and give them that best possible encouragement for them to continue progressing.

Another thing that I learned was, mentally challenged people chose to stay because at the mental institution, though they are labeled as crazy or insane persons, they can be free of everything they want to do and be what they want to be without judgement because after all “that is what they are”. They don’t need to follow the norms and conform with the standards implemented on the normal world. In the institution, they are all the same but they have their own world and don’t care about others.

I also learned that not all patients in the mental institution are abandoned by their loved ones because some of the patient’s families opted to admit their loved one for proper management of the patient.They are concerned with the client’s safety and health status. For me, it is the best way a family member can do rather than letting the mentally challenged person stay at home without proper attention but families should bear in mind that they must maintain their responsibility with the patient (visiting etc.) and not just financial support.

I know these thoughts and realizations are not so interconnected with each other. It is just that I have learned so much in a day so pardon me for the “Flight of Ideas” (Oh! I think I just have a Maladaptive symptom. LOL!)

Little realizations NOW can make a big difference in the FUTURE.

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4 Responses to “My Journal for Psychiatric Nursing Concept 04”

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  2. Makenji (^_0)> Says:


    can you help me please. i have this brother who is mentally challenged due to Talampunay and was the first time he took it i think and he got overdosed. It is already 10 days now when he started to have this change mother who is old is the taking care of my brother. my brother is 29 years old and quite depressed that what triggered him to use illicit drugs. We do not know what to do..we do not know where to bring our brother. By the way we are living in daet camarines norte.

    Kindly advise brother sometimes is turning violent to others. we want him to be confined but we do not where in bicol we do not have realtives in manila to bring him and have a through checkup besides we are in dire strait. i am not familiar with the government program for mentally ill patient.

    Pls advise and help us. I would greatly appreciate that.

    many thanks,

  3. Dianne Peña Says:

    @Makenji- hi, since your brother’s behavior is due to a drug overdose, i would advise you to bring him to a local hospital and ask there to refer you in a rehabilitation center which can cater your brother’s needs… i am not familiar also with the hospital services there at Daet, Camarines Norte/Bicol so you might want to inquire in your nearest local hospital, i’m sure they have their contacts there.

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