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In a Psyche ward…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
afraid of the dogs... rarr!

afraid of the dogs... rarr!

A bored sadist, masochist, murdrer, necrophle, a zoophile & pyromaniac n a psychiatric ward:

hey y dnt we torture a cat?
Zoophile: yeah we’l trture a cat & thn fuck it!
Murderer: we’l trture a cat, fuck it & thn kill it!
Necrophile: we’l torture 8, fuck 8, kill 8 & fuck it agen!
Phyromaniac: yeah then we’l burn the cat! ..sudden silence..
then all asked the masochist “y u not say anything
Masochist: MEOW! (‘.’)


2 baliw gs2ng tmakaz sa mental h0spital:


baliw1: alm qna g2wn para mktkas tau
baliw2: pan0? Eh,nkapadl0ck ung gate.
Baliw1: un n nga eh! Ccrain ntn,kpg nxra n,mk2takas n tau
baliw2: o0 nga n0h?galing m0 tlga!tara n!
baliw1: pare! Malas!
Baliw2: oh bkt?
Baliw1: ndi nkal0ck ung padl0ck.ndi ntn mccra!ndi tau mkktakas!
baliw2: antanga m0 nman pare!edi il0ck ntn pra pde n ntng crain..!

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Vitals Failed

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Last Saturday, I have had the most shameful experience so far being a student nurse.

My patient is a 10 year-old male with a provisional diagnosis of T/C CNS Infection. He has body weakness, episodes of vomiting and he was very irritable. However, he still is conscious, coherent and oriented in three spheres (person, place and time).

During the shift, I took his Vital Signs, I noted that he had fever with a temperature of 38.2C so I performed Tepid Sponge Bath for my nursing intervention, then I rechecked his temperature after 30 minutes and it was 36.8C. I took his blood pressure though he is just a pediatric because of his episodes of high blood pressure. True enough, I noted 120/90 mmHg for his BP and it’s really high for his age.

For about 5 minutes later, a medical intern (or is she?…hmmm I don’t know) rechecked my patient’s Vital Signs, she copied the temperature I got but she, on her own got the cardiac and respiratory rate. Here comes the problem. When the doctor checked his BP, at first she didn’t got it because of the patient’s constant movement and noise and do she pumped again. I observed what she was doing, she pumped at 140 mmHg then release. She read the measurement and relay a 140/100 mmHg reading.

I was shocked. REALLY SHOCKED.

What the HELL happened there? I was really definite of my reading few minutes before. The mother was also shocked because I said to her that her child’s BP is just 120/90 mmHg. I didn’t take any move.

The doctor explained that the other doctor endorsed that the patient has consistently high blood pressure since admission, he even had a reading of 160/140 mmHg (as far as I can remember). At the back of my mind, I was battling with her statements I mean, that BP reading was before the client got medical management for his condition. If she could review the chart, which I thoroughly reviewed, his BP now was ranging from 110-130 systolic and 80-90 diastolic.

She even tested for Kernig’s and Brudzinski’s sign roughly. She didn’t asked the patient face to face if he experienced nuchal rigidity even if he can answer it directly, she just asked the patient’s mother to do it for her. What’s the point right? What kind of assessment was that?

Minutes after that “i-don’t-know-what-kind-of” doctor, the mother approached me. She said “Minuto lang ang nakalipas, sabi mo 120/90 lang, ngayon ang taas na…” I just said in a low tone of voice, “yoon po talaga ang nakuha ko… 120/90 po talaga yon…” then I left.

If ever I’d be assigned to the same patient again next week, I don’t know if I still have the face to render care to him. I was on shame at the same time I was pissed.

FEU Student Nurses are trained to get Vital Signs accurately without altering the results (well at least for my group). It is our forte considering it is what we do almost all at the time during clinical rotations especially if the hospital is benign (non-toxic) with matching NCP and Drug Study making. It has become our routine and our specialty. Sad but true. To be questioned in what I know I do best is a big slap on my ego.

I reported this incident to my clinical instructor and she just said “Hayaan mo yang mga yan, mga insecure lang yang mga yan. Ganyan talaga yang mga yan.”. I still can’t move on with what happened. I just said “Sige, kaysa naman yung doktor yung mapahiya, ako na lang kasi estudyante lang naman ako…” even though I know I am right.

Altering Vital Signs is crucial for the well-being of a patient. It can kill. If you would refer to my previous post.

I hope health care providers will possess the virtue of veracity because it is life that we are dealing with and not just a toy which you could by another if broken.

Sleep Deprivation related to prolonged school activity…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

So yeah, after I have finished one module in our E-Learning, here I am today enjoying myself in our cozy home at the same time, being absent for my E-Learning schedule. Yes, my mom knows about it. I actually asked her permission regarding my absence. LOL!

For the past 2 weeks, I have been on straight duties and lectures. No free day, as in no time for rest.

Here is what happens when you are sleep deprived.

taken at Q.I

taken at Q.I

He is really sleeping...

He is really sleeping...

2 in a row! LOL!

2 in a row! LOL!

Student Nurses, if given the chance (even if there is no chance…LOL!) would steal even just a minute for sleep. Yeah, I am dead guilty. I have actually learned a skill for that— Sleeping in anywhere (be it on public transportations or in the hospital itself) and in any style you want as long as you don’t get caught. The best part in that skill is I can sleep with eyes OPEN. LOL!

I just realized, taking stolen pictures will help me not to have sleeping pictures. LOL! My skill in taking such unique photos is another story…=D Beware…LOL!

Oh wait, I still have loads of things pending to be done… arggghhh!

Free day is the new “Do-My-Schoolwork-Day” *sniffs.

*Now this would make me a good student. (Sarcasm again. tsk)

Pathophysiology of love and kissing…

Saturday, September 20th, 2008




Love, a very communicable disease caused by a filtrate virus,“Amoritis te Amo”.

SYMPTOMS: restlessness, vibrant palpitation, loss of appetite & sudden attack of daydreaming.
C0MPLCATI0N: jealousy if affected.
TREATMENT: 1dose of tender love & care that contains 2 tab of ‘kisspirin’.
DIAGN0SIS: safe if handled w/care.
PRESCRIPTI0N: 1tab/day+’kisspirin’ if needed.
if it fails, the best remedy is PIC0TIN for female & REYPIN for male. Ü



spot the one who pouts.. hehe

spot the one who pouts.. hehe

do u knw dAt d scientific name 4 kissing is PHILEMAT0L0GY d scientific way 2 describe it is d anAtomical juxtaposition of 2 orbicularis oris muscle in a state of contrAction..u burn 26 calories in a 1min.’s a great cardiovascular workout coz wen u kiss,u release adrenaline in2 d bl0odstream & ur hArt pumps more bl0od around ur body & cAn slow d aging process by toning ur cheeks&jAw muscles!
~un un eh.. ndi puro khAlayan..

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The Second Philippine Blog Awards: LittleNars’ Entry

Friday, September 19th, 2008

The second Philippine Blog Awards will be held on 21 September 2008 at One Esplanade, Mall of Asia Complex. Registration starts at 5PM and the ceremony will commence at sunset.

This is my first time to participate by voting a blog, which really suited my taste.

LittleNars’ entry goes to My Boring Life… Now a blog! by Jeric Peña. With its new layout and style, it really created a professional look. With its informational content, it really is a helpful tool. With its versatility, it can cater almost every ages, plus it is reader-friendly. Epistaxis and Intracranial Bleeding because of idiopathic words is a no-no in this blog. LOL! Imagine all of this from a 17-year old guy. Amaaaaziiinnngggg!

I also would like to single-out Brinknotes Podcast for the Best Podcast/Videocast category, which is also from Jeric Peña. I believe in his talent and capabilities in doing such endeavor. With his young age, (actually, there must have been a category for being the youngest podcaster that can do all this and level-in with those older bloggers and podcasters just on his own) I know he will improve more as time pass (and with more exposure and opportunities as well. LOL!).

Try to read his blogs and listen to his works. You’ll see my vote is not a chance wasted…=D

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