Nursing Texts

September 5th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

Here are some of the nursing text messages that I receive from my friends, which I like to share with you:

I realized that being a nurse is incomparable. As we care for our patients, we learn how to cover our sorrow with a smile. We learn how to stay vigorous despite all the tasks we endure. We learn how to give hope even though ours is unclearly seen. We learn how to give strength even at times that we are weak. Nobody would know what kind of life a nurse has unless they become one.

When you save a person’s life, they call you a HERO, when you combine science with caring they call you an expert, when you share your compassion, they call you a friend, and when you do all three, they call you a NURSE!

Do you know why nurses are such an astig friend and lover? It’s because they understand your abnormalities, knows that you’re crying inside even though you’re laughing outside, a good listener and adviser and best of all, they know how to take care of you and can bring out the best in you!

Eyes expression:
0_0: awake
-_-: sleepy
^_^: flirty
¤_¤: shocked
Ø_Ø: teary
@_@: dizzy
$_$: NURSES!

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