BSN Major in Rizal and Speech…

September 15th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

I am sure every one of my batch mates would agree to me if I say we are…

B.S in Nursing Major in Rizal and Speech!!!


In Rizal’s class, we were asked to create a dramatic play of the characters in Noli Me Tangere or El Filibusterismo as our Final Exam… (how demanding right?)

I played Maria Clara

In Speech’s class, we were asked to formulate our own product and advertise it to the whole class as for our Midterm Exam. This Finals, we were asked to act dramatic speech for our Final exam and a news reporting for our Finals Recitation grade. Whew!

Sorry for the rough shot...

Sorry for the rough shot...

I feel the need to prioritize them for they entail much time for practicing. But that’s not the case right? I should be focusing more on my NCM 103-B subject because it is a 16-unit subject and definitely on great weight with my future career.

You could just imagine how much students would do just for grades, you will see them doing crazy stuffs just for a 3 or 4-unit subjects. Meeen! That’s rough. If you just watched our performances with each class… Some of them are in my YouTube account. It’s fun but if you would look at it closely, it’s not of great weigh with our course.

My Classmate, Jojo (selling deodorant)

My Classmate, Jojo (selling deodorant)

Mon as Maria Clara and Jo as Tiya Isabel

Mon as Maria Clara and Jo as Tiya Isabel

Good thing I finished the Rizal’s play and the Speech’s product endorsement.

However, THERE’S MORE TO COME!!! *horror tune…

Good luck to all of us…

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