Learning at Q.I.

September 15th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

Honestly, when I learned that our clinical exposure for our communicable disease is at Quezon Institute, I was dismayed for I really wanted to rotate at San Lazaro Hospital, where there are grave cases of different communicable diseases. However, I knew that Quezon Institute is also a tertiary hospital, which caters not only Tuberculosis, one of the most common communicable disease but also other respiratory diseases. In that case, I can appreciate my communicable disease concept.

Before entering the ward, I envisioned of the normal room setting and everything for a tertiary hospital. My expectation was right. The beds where side by side with each other with enough space for each client and a window. This is not to belittle the hospital because honestly, I really want to be exposed to the real scenario of hospital setting in the Philippines. Quezon Institute, at least though, in just a small span of time opened my eyes to what at real hospital set-up is.

Compared to my previous clinical exposures, the difference of Quezon Institute is the personal protection equipments that are being used by the care providers. This fact, in my own point of view, is a hindrance for building rapport with the client and providing the proper nursing management for them. If only I would not put myself at risk for acquiring the disease, I would not wear those. It is also true with the stigma attached to the tuberculosis patients, which made them receive less nursing interaction and management because of fear and disgust— for some.

Honestly, I am not afraid of the TB patients because I believe I have the knowledge as my tool in proper approach and management for them. I was just not at ease with the PPEs we wore. Good thing, my clinical instructor really assured us that we are safe. She really assisted us with everything that we do for our patients. That, made me confident enough for I can see her handling patients with just a mask as her protection. I admire her for that (not to be a teacher’s pet or what so ever…).

When it comes to the care I gave with my patient, my assessment skills was improved though there are some observations that I wasn’t sure of. I proved that with the proper knowledge, you can never go wrong. I also learned that, nursing profession is really a risky job. Nursing is not just a job and you don’t do it just for financial purposes. As from what I can see, it is like a vocation, which entails passion and dedication. You have to take care of your patients but not compromising yourself.

In Quezon Institute, my learning is pure realizations, which I know, will never be placed into my unconscious mind…=)

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