Pathophysiology of love and kissing…

September 20th, 2008 by Dianne Peña




Love, a very communicable disease caused by a filtrate virus,“Amoritis te Amo”.

SYMPTOMS: restlessness, vibrant palpitation, loss of appetite & sudden attack of daydreaming.
C0MPLCATI0N: jealousy if affected.
TREATMENT: 1dose of tender love & care that contains 2 tab of ‘kisspirin’.
DIAGN0SIS: safe if handled w/care.
PRESCRIPTI0N: 1tab/day+’kisspirin’ if needed.
if it fails, the best remedy is PIC0TIN for female & REYPIN for male. Ü



spot the one who pouts.. hehe

spot the one who pouts.. hehe

do u knw dAt d scientific name 4 kissing is PHILEMAT0L0GY d scientific way 2 describe it is d anAtomical juxtaposition of 2 orbicularis oris muscle in a state of contrAction..u burn 26 calories in a 1min.’s a great cardiovascular workout coz wen u kiss,u release adrenaline in2 d bl0odstream & ur hArt pumps more bl0od around ur body & cAn slow d aging process by toning ur cheeks&jAw muscles!
~un un eh.. ndi puro khAlayan..

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