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Pocketful of Kids —the very first interactive toy village in the Philippines

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Play is very essential for a child’s growth and development. It is not only for the child to enjoy but also it enables them to learn, sharpen their minds and reach another developmental milestone.

Since Christmas is fast approaching, I know how parents and godparents are going crazy shopping for the best possible gifts for their children and godchildren. The problem is, there are a lot of toys but are they suitable, safe and will definitely enhance the child’s development?

Problem no more for there rise the very first toy village in the Philippines.

Pocketful of Kids, the very first interactive toy village in the country. In Pocketful of Kids, the dilemma of “look but don’t touch” is finally over as well as the fear of breaking toys and having to pay a big amount. Parents and children can have an interactive play and have the chance to try out any toy they like, even without buying it, inside this one of a kind play place. I feel it is safe for the children and I love the bright colors of the place (the clerks also have their cute uniforms on which I love…LOL).

Pocketful of kids innovates on the learning process for children ages 0-99(yes, you got it right…) through toys that can stimulate their motor and cognitive skills particularly the 7 smarts which are People, Music, Number, Word, Picture, Body and Nature Smart. Toys are from reputable American and European brands like Learning Resources, Educational Insights (Hot Dots pens, Playfoam and GeoSafari), Alex, Tatiri, Melissa & Doug (Number One in wooden educational toys in the US) They also have gadgets for preschool teachers that will definitely of great help for them.

I surely had a problem with regression when I experienced my visit at Pocketful of Kids (I feel I am not the only one…LOL!). I enjoyed all their toys especially the kitchen play because it has always been my favorite when I was a child. My brother, Jeric and I had almost fought one who will going to use the cash register toy first.

I think I am now fixated with their toys for I really want to visit it again. LOL! I sure had a lot of fun— to be a kid once more. I am always child at heart. Here’s something I made with some of the toys from Pocketful of Kids:

Pocketful of Kids is located at 15/F Strata 2000, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas. They open from 10:00 AM – 7 :00 pm. For more queries you could call them at (02) 634-7888 or (02) 634-2888 or e-mail them at

But wait there’s more… I have discovered that they have a toy for us student nurses. It is a picture puzzle, which involves the systems of the body. We won’t be having difficulty in memorizing each part for this toy can aid our neurons easily. LOL!

October 15 is Global Handwashing Day

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I know my post is a bit late. Nevertheless, I wanted to share something about GLOBAL HAND WASHING DAY.

During my AHSE days, I was 2nd year college then, we we’re required to teach at some public schools about health for our NSTP subject. For that, we have chosen the most common topic yet very important, the PROPER HAND WASHING.

I would remember when I was 2nd year at my Primary Health Care class, we would demonstrate the proper way of hand washing, and no… it’s not simple for us nurses, there’s an art and you have to memorize each rationale for each step. Good thing, there are now Hand Sanitizers LOL!

Anyway, we taught from grade 1 to grade 4 pupils for they are much prone to diseases regarding hygiene. They are very active that they tend to touch whatever they want and go to places no matter how dirty it is. They should be properly taught about hand washing on when to do it and how to do it properly.

We first had a discussion and then we had them demonstrate to us what they have learned. We as instructors have so much fun and we can say that the students also had fun in learning about hand washing (surely, they had fun in singing happy birthday to determine on how long they will wash their hands LOL!).

Let’s always practice hand washing and prevent contamination from microorganisms— kidding, simply to prevent diseases. Indeed, it’s one of the simplest and universal precaution.

As for me, when there’s no sink or water for me to wash my hand, I always bring with me my handy alcohol. (My friends and I would joke that we’re becoming “oc-oc” obsessive-compulsive because every now and then, we would pour alcohol at our hands. LOL!)

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt : Innovative Dessert

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I have always had a sweet tooth. I think I got it through genetics from my fraternal side and of course, Filipinos are fond of desserts or “Panghimagas” in Filipino. When I was growing, we would always have ice cream or cake after our lunch or dinner.

Then came, The White Hat.

I first knew about it from my brother, Jeric. When he first tried it, he never ceased to tell me how delicious and mouth-watering it was. He said that I should try it since he knows I have always had a big heart for sweets and so we did one day at Robinson’s Place Ermita, Midtown.

It never failed me. I remembered the taste of a frozen Yakult (my mother would always buy that for us when we were a child and sometimes until now. LOL!!). It is not actually an ice cream yet, it’s a new dessert you could try instead of your plain ice cream. It’s an ITALIAN FROZEN YOGURT, which is 98% fat- free and will definitely not make you guilty of the calories you will get and also, they use low-fat milk and added live, active yogurt cultures to make it even healthier.

However, the calorie content depends on what toppings you will going to choose with your frozen yogurt. No, I am not going to lecture about calories here (I actually don’t care how sinful it is as long as it’s delicious. LOL!) You could add 1 or more toppings depending on your preference and you could choose for over 21 fresh and premium toppings.

from The White Hat website

from The White Hat website

When you tasted their Italian frozen yogurt, you’ll know what makes it different from any other desserts. I loved my White Hat Classic Frozen Yogurt with Strawberry and Kiwi… Their frozen yogurt will bring you to pearly gates (I am exaggerating things am I? LOL!), sweets would always make me hyperactive. This is one heck of a must-try dessert. I am sure to invite my friends there.

So go and experience this one innovative dessert, White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt at their branches in Robinson’s Place Midtown Wing and SM Mall of Asia. You could also check their website at more information.

Messages about Health and Life

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Here are some text messages I have received about health and about life…


1. No breakfast
2. Overeating
3. Smoking
4. High sugar consumpti0n
5. Air p0lluti0n
6. Sleep deprivati0n
7. Head c0vered while sleeping
8. W0rking brain during illness
9. Lacking in stimulating
10. Talking rarely

If this is true, I think I don’t have a brain anymore. LOL!

1. More veggies, less meat;
2. More vinegar,less salt;
3. More fruits,less sweets;
4. Chew more,eat less;
5. More water,less soda;
6. More deeds,less talk;
7. More sharing,less desires;
8. More walks,less rides;
9. More laughter,less anger
10. More prayers,no worries!Ü

I definitely believe in this quote. Prayer is the best.

Another batch of Nursing Text Messages, Jokes and Quotations

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

Since my inbox is now overflowing with text messages, I would like to share them with you. Here are some nursing text messages for you to enjoy:

1. From Mr. Jamon (my C.I during my duty at NCMH)
Nurses are not superhumans.
They read patient’s charts–not their minds.
They also have their own insecurities, problems, and difficulties in life.
They possess strength yet still, they are vulnerable. They know how to get hurt.
So in case your expectations to them become a little TOO high..
Think again…
Remember what the song ‘Superman’ says?
“..even heroes have the right to bleed..”

2. From Mich
A nurse is someone
who says toxic everytime,
who has limited rest days,
who carry tons of books,
who can eat as fast as 5 minutes…
But still manages t0
luk go0d..
and H 0 T..

3. From Monmon
Doing SEX
by Profession:
do it in
do it by
do it
do it w/
do it by

4. From Christian
How naughty & nice nurses can be?
>perform nipple rolling to promote c0ntraction.
>touch a guy’s private organ to insert
a catheter.
>perform internal
exam to dtermine
cervical dilatati0n.
.. & it’s all done
for the sake
of the patient care!
Datz h0w nuRses are!

5. From Aaron
I can be ur..
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag kang
2 tel u ‘wag ka
nang mlngk0t.’
lithium carb0n8:
2 tel u ‘hinay
hinay lang.’
2 tel u ‘relax ka
2 tel u ‘ipaglalaban
2 tel u ‘0k lng
yan im hr 2 rliev
d pain.’
2 tel u ‘ingat ka
bt dnt w0ri,wla
ak0ng syd effect!ü^_^

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