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Killing time at OR and DR…

Monday, October 20th, 2008

What to do when you wait for Operating Room and Delivery Room Cases at the wee hours of the night—or morning should I say?

playing BLUFF

playing BLUFF

Roe, Playing Jackstone LOL!

Roe, PLaying Jackstone LOL!

playing pick-up sticks

playing pick-up sticks

after playing Hi Jack...

after playing Hi Jack...

I know, it’s illegal but what can we do right? We could sleep but some of us, including me can’t sleep properly…

Lyne, mastering her skills at sleeping... LOL!

Lyne, mastering her skills at sleeping... LOL!

as well as Llanah...=p

as well as Llanah...=p

For the third time, our group was assigned at Rizal Provincial Hospital only this time, we are at the OR/DR. During this rotation, (sad but true) was my first time at really performing the “handle”— the one who will catch the head of the baby and deliver the placenta. Though, I haven’t got the chance to catch the head because I don’t know what to do and the baby’s head was already out, I was the one who delivered the placenta. It was easy though the gush of blood stained by OR shoes and scrub suit. Waaaah!!! Nevertheless, it was a great experience. At least, I experienced that before I graduate…=p

with our clinical instructor

with our clinical instructor

Another thing was, our group experienced our first mortality. Though, it really wasn’t our fault and the hospital itself, the baby was delivered dead already. It’s a condition called Intrauterine Fetal Death wherein the baby died inside the mother’s womb. It’s really heart-breaking to see the baby violet-colored, cold, unresponsive. He was just covered with white cloth on his side, lying in his own arms. I want him revived but there’s no resuscitation done because he was already dead probably hours before his delivery. My other group mate even cried. It was really sad.

During my DR completion last summer, I was able to observe a baby being resuscitated for almost 15 minutes because I will do the cord care. My heart stop as well as my breathing because the baby has no reaction to stimuli. Good thing, with constant compression, hyperventilating and suctioning, the baby was revived. As soon as he was revived, my breathing resumed and my heart started to pump.

I don’t want to see a baby dying as much as possible. I want them to live. After killing the baby during our VINES exposure, I’ll definitely make it good!

P.S: Pleasssseee… don’t tell this to the authority… or else… we’ll bite you and kill you with our venom ’cause we’re a PAITON snake (one of my group mate’s surname)… LOL!



Official Start of My Semestral Break!

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I haven’t got the chance to blog during the official start of my Semestral Break… (how I love the word BREAK. LOL!)

October 12 was the official start of my semestral vacation but then I signed up for Red Cross Seminar about Leadership Development that lasted for 2 days (to be blogged soon) and so, I was finally on vacation last October 15.

Karren's B-day Treat (also our last day...)

Karren's B-day Treat (also our last day...)

Counting the days before vacation, I had written all the things to be accomplished with its deadline and posted it at the top side of my study table. I was very TOXIC that time.

You can never imagine the pleasure of crossing out the things that I have done already…

When the final requirement was done, I just said to myself AMEN!!!

October 17, my grades were released and to my delight I was satisfied for I actually thought I will get a low grade this semester (low meaning, I will not reach the average I was maintaining for myself, which is 2.00). I even prepared my mother for the result, Yes, the party started after that!

After party at MOA courtesy of Pantene LOL!

After party at MOA courtesy of Pantene LOL!

Then, I followed up for my completion cases then read a novel, then shop, then read again, then finally blog and update you to what I am up to for my vacation. I came to recall the previous days, I had a pretty busy vacation after all. — but with a different reason… LOL!

I have 2 weeks ahead of me to relax and enjoy. Thank God! =)

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Treatment

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

What Can You Do in 3 Minutes?
I can take your Vital Signs in three minutes…=p

As a nursing student, I must always put my hair in a bun even if it’s still wet and put hair polish to smoothen the wrinkles in it— that made my hair problematic. I am sure in not the only one having this kind of problem. (Well, i just hope i could bun my hair in just 3 minutes. LOL!)

Good Thing, Pantene made hair miracles happen with the NEW Pantene’s 3-Minute Miracle Treatment!

Last October 17, 2008, Pantene together with its organizers bring about an event for bloggers to enjoy at Taste Asia, SM Mall of Asia. I brought with me my friends and we definitely had fun! With the games, picture taking, bands, (RJ Jimenez of Pinoy Dream Academy was there also) food, drinks (courtesy of Taste Asia and SM Hypermart) and most especially the presence of Ms. Judy Ann Santos, the latest endorser of Pantene (I’ll blog about that later…LOL!).

With the fast-paced lifestyle we have today, we never really got time to combat damage our hair experienced with everyday, especially with us ladies. Pantene’s new 3-minute Miracle Treatment repairs 3 months damage in just three minutes. It has a unique formula that repairs and strengthens your hair inside out.

After washing your hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner, just squeeze excess water, massage the contents into the whole strand from top to bottom; just leave it for 3 minutes and rinse. You don’t need to go to a salon and spend too much time, energy, and money in pampering your hair. It just cost for around 300php (3 tubes per pack). You could have your instant revitalized hair at the comfort of your own home. What a great relief right?

Who says there’s no miracle for your dull, overly treated hair? It’s definitely not Pantene! LOL! What are you waiting for? Grab your Pantene 3-minute Miracle treatment now at your nearest convenient store and experience a good-feel with your crowning glory.

The Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia to be found at MANILA

Friday, October 17th, 2008

I am always fond of looking at the billboards as we travel and go to places. I envy those pretty ladies with alluring bodies because I once dreamt to be a model (LOL!!!!). Anyways, we know for a fact that there were— are some sexy- R18 billboards and ads not suitable for the mass people to see that gained much of issue and intrigue. Yeah, it definitely caused traffic and worse, accidents. Those billboards certainly caught drivers’ attention, which should not be the case.

Being trapped in a traffic, for some it’s a form of a distressing fact because they can rest their eyes, for some they are whining for they really want to get home early. But what if there would be pleasant billboards around in which passengers and even drivers would enjoy seeing?

That’s a different case.

Last October 16, 2008, there held a blogger event at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street entitled The Art of Billboards: 2nd Media Opens the Biggest Outdoor Gallery in Asia. The event is just small but they really relayed their aim in this endeavor. I am always interested in paintings as I am a frustrated fine artist (no, I can’t even draw. If that’s what you think…LOL!)

Dubbed as the biggest outdoor gallery in Asia, this endeavor features artworks from 10 most promising Filipino artists. Sharing a theme that highlights environmental awareness, these artworks located in key locations across the metro, is in support of the ongoing international movement rallying for nature conversation.

Not only they wanted to change the image of billboards but also, this could be a very effective tool in making the people knowledged and opening their eyes in certain issues.

With the disparaging issues regarding billboards, I say two thumbs up for the 2nd Media- the Public Affairs arm of the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines’ (OAAP) endeavor in improving the image of billboards in our country.

Here are some of the artworks that you will hopefully see in the near future at South Luzon Expressway, North Luzon Expressway and EDSA:

This one is my favorite because of its health theme:

You Are What You BrEAThe by Jose Terence Ruiz
You Are What You BrEAThe by Jose Terence Ruiz

Enjoy Nintendo Wii at Red Box

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

When I first heard about Red Box and its services, I personally am meaning to go there with my friends. I even invited them but unfortunately, our schedules don’t meet. Then I forgot about Red Box and my frustration to go there.

Then, my brother told me that there would be a Wii Party at Red Box Greenbelt. My spirit was high then. Though I am not familiar with the Nintendo Wii, I was excited.

Nintendo Wii will now be part of Red Box’s long list of choices for leisure and recreation. Starting this October, selected rooms in Red Box will be equipped with Nintendo Wii consoles where karaoke lovers can alternate between the microphone and nunchuck controllers.

Globe-trotting karaoke enthusiasts can also settle into the plush, super-chilled rooms and enjoy munch food whipped up by their expert chefs and swill beverages from their wide array of international beers and cocktails.

Red Box also features also features a mix of leisure and recreational facilities that adds a sophisticated twist to any karaoke experience/ Whether playing a game of pool, battling it out on the poker table or simply lounging in the karaoke bar’s comfy sofa, Red Box makes sure that nobody is left out of the fun.

You could enjoy Red Box at their Greenbelt and TriNoma branch. For their price ranges offers: At Lunch Hour (12nn-3pm) P299/head with free bottomless iced tea and room use during lunch hour, Happy Hour (3pm-7pm) P299/head with free 2 drinks and room use during happy hour, Prime time (7pm-12mn) P499/head with free 2 drinks and room use during primetime and After hours (12mn-4am) P399/head with free 2 drinks and room use after hours. Prices are inclusive of VAT. (Red Box Greenbelt)

But wait, there’s more, Tuesday Nights are Ladies night all through this month! Free entrance to all ladies on Tuesday Nights. (Reb Box Greenbelt)

With that, I would definitely invite my friends, experience Red Box services and have a great time. We student nurses also need a break. LOL!

P.S: This is my first Geiser Maclang event LOL!

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