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My last semester at FEU starts…

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

For the long hiatus at blogging, here are my rationales… (LOL!)

It was November 3, 2008 when I started my last semester as a college student (awww…). You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged the things that I should have blogged about for the reason(s) that:

• November 3, 2008 was the start of my duty at Medical Center Parañaque. My shift was from 1 PM to 11 PM; imagine the long travel from Monumento (Caloocan City) to Parañaque… My clinical instructor really let us home at exactly 11 PM (whew!). I was assigned at the ICU and Hemodialysis room.

I also had our “last” general orientation in the morning. The subjects, rules and regulations were discussed to us. Our professors were also introduced to us. The dean leave us an inspiring message to strive hard with our Nursing Audit (In-House Review as others would call it) in which our battle cry is 3-5-90! (I better get reviewing…LOL!)

• November 6, 2008 was the start of my Nursing Leadership and Management lecture (NCM 104), in which our time is from 7 AM to 5PM with only one professor… (you guess how’s that…LOL!)

• November 8, I had my first Nursing Audit (NCM 105) review with Mr. Emerson Aliswag. Our concept was about Communicable Diseases. We only had two (2) meetings with him, it was short but I really learned A LOOOOOT! He’s one heck of a reviewer. No dull moments and his strategies were superbly effective. *applause*

• November 10, 2008 was the start of my second clinical rotation at Legarda Elementary School. I experienced being a school nurse (well, not really because of conflicting schedule). Instead, we were bombarded with paper works such as project proposals, daily action plan and accomplishment reports. Actually, its not hard to do those, what’s hard is that we have plenty of data gaps and we we’re bound to assume (the mortal sin of NURSING). Nevertheless, our clinical instructor Ms. Edina Jacob was cool and so it was compensated…LOL!

• November 24, 2008 was the start of my third clinical rotation at C&E Publishing in Baesa, Quezon City. It is on-going until next week so hopefully, I will experience to be an Occupational Health Nurse. We had a trip at their work place and the book process was discussed to us. We were given the chance to observe how the book is being done and our task is to be vigilant and keen as to the health hazards present in their work.

• In between those days, my group and I are busy doing our thesis about the Effectiveness of Stress Relief Balls in reducing the test anxiety among students in a selected school of nursing. Actually, we’re planning to do our pilot study next week so, Good Luck to us. Here’s our research pictures… LOL!

coffee bean @ trinoma after doing research...

coffee bean @ trinoma after doing research...

monopoly @ my crib while doing research...

monopoly @ my crib while doing research...

starbucks midtown after national library...

starbucks midtown after national library...

I am only at school for just three (3) weeks but it felt like I am on the half of my semester. I still can’t believe that I am on my senior year and this is my last semester. I am now anxious as to what will happen next. At times, I feel the pressure but then again, it must not hinder me, instead, do what ever it is to meet my goal and make my family proud.


My extra-curriculars are still not included in those reasons but one thing’s for sure; it didn’t allow me to blog for a long time. How I miss blogging! However, the great part is, I am busy but I can still attend to blogger events. LOL

To my batchmates… Luciat Vex Lustra! Let your light shine! 3-5-90!!!

FEU student nurses, your I.N years wont be complete without HER…

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Checking my account at Friendster, I noticed this one post at the Bulletin Board from FEU TAMbayan account:

Iam Bieryle John B. Agnir RN from class of 2007 (BSN 714-grp 53). I have received a text message from my former group leader, containing this:
This message was forwarded by mam Filoteo. Please pass as many as you can.Laury
Mam Eli dela Cruz is not an ordinary faculty member of I.N. She devoted much of her time and effort to I.N and o its students. For many of us, she taught us to be self directed, she helped us unleash our potential in use of them to the fullest. She inspired us to care for F.E.U-I.N. Though in her 60s, she is still physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually fit. However, she was only given a few units this sem and may not teach next sem, a directive which was made known to her this sem. There are exceptions to rules. And these exceptions were granted to faculty retirees. They were allowed to teach even after retirement (eg. Ms. San Vicente, Ms. Punongbayan). For once, for someone who stood for us… Let us speak on her behalf. Join us in texting/calling/e-mailing the dean that mam Eli be allowed to teach still in INnext scjool year and be given additional load this sem. After all…SHE is far from ordinary.
—Nothing follows—
My dear colleagues, as I read this text message from my former leader, I felt sad. We clearly know who mam dela Cruz is, and we know how intelligent she is. Mam DC has a large passion in teaching the tamaraw nurses. She did a lot of change in our institute. She is one of the pillars of our institute. She was there when the institute was in its pedestal and she is still with the institute today in where the institute is striving hard to bring back its glory. Ms. Elisea dela Cruz is already an institution in our institute. And I believe that she still has a lot to share with the institute. Let us act my co-tamaraw nurses and nurses to be.

Click here and here to verify that I am not making this up.

Ma’am Elisea Dela Cruz or popularly known as Ma’am EDC was my professor during my Community Health Nursing Concept last semester. I know most of us are guilty that when we heard the name “EDC” we will immediately think about “TOXICITY”— that she is a terror, strict, serious and “will-make-you-tachycardic” professor. Well, I can definitely attest to that. She usually have recitations and she wants a “complete” and exact (well… who doesn’t right?) answer. If you’re wrong and you can’t answer her question, you’ll going to stand for as long as she doesn’t tell you to sit. If she caught you not paying attention, she’ll check the seat plan, ask you a question and then you’ll be sorry that you didn’t pay attention (I experienced that!) But then again, I managed to take back the [X] mark at my name for I have recited enough to redeem that (I remembered when I and my seat mates would coach each other when reciting we call it “Pondong Recitation“). LOL!


Me and my seatmates while waiting for Ma'am EDC's class to start...

Me and my seatmates while waiting for Ma'am EDC's class...

I could clearly remember the palpitations and hyperventilations before my NCM class way back, thinking of the questions I might not answer and will make me stand up. Also, the tension of the class when she wants answer and we don’t know it. The brain-bleeding and neuron-damaging examinations that I can’t believe I passed (Thank God!). Lastly, the grilling-hot seat times when you are reporting in from of the class (many have shed tears maybe because of fear and shame…) Until now, when I see her at the faculty room, I still have palpitations though she doesn’t do anything but when I greeted her and she smiles, then I relax.

For once, I didn’t like her because of THE adverse effects (I am sure most of us do) but then again, I started to broaden my mind about her purpose on doing this to us, her students. For me at least, she let me see that I am NOW fourth year nursing student. She opened my mind on what qualities I should develop to be able to be a competitive nurse someday. She taught me to be responsible—more responsible.

I thought she doesn’t know how to smile… I thought our class won’t make her laugh or even just smile good thing, we did because of our group presentations. Her seriousness, I believe is just her professionalism. I once saw her near the faculty room, playing with a little girl, and then I said to myself, Ma’am EDC is not stonehearted after all.

I say Ma’am EDC should stay for your IN years won’t be complete if you didn’t experience being under her. As what was said in the Friendster bulletin, she had established herself in our institution and she really had given great efforts in producing skilled Tamaraw Nurses. I‘ll definitely NOT forget her.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a charity. I just want to share my Ma’am EDC experience.  

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