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My EPIC FAIL year-ender post PART II

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

My 2008, a combination of my FIRSTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

I started blogging again
and attending blogging events
I stayed single for the whole year
The birth of
and also
I got my new fone
I completed my OR Cases
and also my DR Cases
I have read 13 novels
I have partied to 6 different bars
I have been to 5 different places last summer vacation
I have solved the rubik’s cube
I have stayed awake for 29 straight hours (during duty)
I experienced 16 hours of straight duty and then the next day
I felt like a border in my own house
I started to go to malls by myself
I started to wear dress and mini shorts (LOL!)
I went to a Spa
I’ve witnessed on how to make a book
I’ve seen a heart, brain, intestine, uterus, gallbladder and appendix (and hemorrhoids too… LOL!)
I’ve scrubbed in and assisted for a major operation
and also for a minor operation like a real staff nurse
I’ve set-up a sterile field on my own (LOL!)
I’ve went to a wet market to buy for the ingredients of our food
then cook it with the help of my classmate
I’ve survived at sleeping without a bed and an electric fan for days
I’ve danced with the tune of Low and Soulja Boy
I’ve been punk’d by our reviewer (Sir Asuncion. LOL!)
I’ve been reviewing for the board exam (Nursing Audit)
I killed a dummy… LOL!
I learned how to do CPR (but I am not yet certified)
I have an encounter with mental patients

I became an official Red Cross Youth Collegiate Council member
I have kept 2 secrets then when it was brought up…
I became innocent when I knew it all along
I’ve visited a friend in a hospital
I’ve attended UP Fair and UST Paskuhan
I gained weight. pffft!
I got my long loved Parker mechanical pencil (courtesy of Lyne)
I started to love LRT line 1 (LOL!)
I “was” always late
I performed a declamation… (oh meeenn…)
I got new group mates
and sets of friends
I grew my hair long
and I got a new haircut (I hate it now.. I hate my hair arrggghhh…)
I learned Adobe Photoshop
I don’t watch T.V anymore (auuhhhh….:[)
I got my eyelash extension
and it’s gone now… LOL!
I haven’t completed the Simbang Gabi
I finally have my own cork board (to-do board)
I have taken care of patients in the I.C.U
I bought the Nike bag on my Christmas wish
I have started to do my pedicure…
I got the worst Atopic Dermatitis attack last summer
and it was solved by Virgin Coconut Oil (eeewww.. hahaha)
My 2 cousins are already in states
and we don’t have a New Year’s Reunion today (this sucks. arrrggghhh)
I got my _________ hahahaha! (secret!)
I met Judy Ann Santos… LOL!
I have not been thrifty this year (which I formerly am)
and I even declared Bankruptcy (LOL!)
“Bebe Gerl and Bebe Boy” expressions
and even “Traidor” (which my group only understands— courtesy of Llanah)
I got myself into 4 exchange gifts… hahaha!
“Nakakaloka…”— my word for the year
I’ve been addicted to Boys Night Out (Magic 89.9)
even loved Sam YG’s voice LOL!
“Per-for-mance” and “Ding ding ding ding… they’re watching” expressions at VINES
I learned to walk fast— REAL fast
I started to attend St. Jude Novenas —AGAIN.
My younger sister is NOW taller than me (huhuhu :[)
I have worn an N95 mask for a duty
I have been wearing FEU’s NEW traveling suit
and I almost lost mine (I interchanged it with my groupmate)

I have the MOST number of overnights this year

I passed my speech class (so controversial…LOL!)
My old “tambayan” closed already (sad…:[)
I started to like spicy foods…
Me and my family frequently go out to eat and chill (I looove it)
I started to give out my number to others
and not reply to them (bad me. hahah!)
I started my last semester at FEU (waaaahhh… can’t believe it)
and next year I am gonna be unemployed
(now that sucks. LOL!)

Oh well… it’s time to change calendar…
So long 2008…
Welcome 2009!!!
(and you better be a good one…:]])

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

New year message to be posted later.
Have to think of it again.
hehehe. BRB.

My EPIC FAIL year-ender post…

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Last night, I attempted to make my year-ender post for 2008 but unfortunately, I was only able to make one sentence, a phrase plus three dots… what’s up with that right? LOL!

Now as I type, I would try to make a meaningful year-ender post within a few hours— at least for me… (So help me GOD.)

I start to ask myself, what’s with 2008 that I am having a hard time writing an entry about it…

Maybe it’s not a year worth talking about?

or maybe…

It’s not just my year… LOL!

Last night, I tried to recall memories that happened this year. I even asked my sister for help up until now and guess what I’ve got?

NOTHING. (pfft.)


Is this what nursing course does to me? I hope not. LOL!

I am doing poorly in remembering the things that happened with the year 2007 and 2008…

If there would be a memory contest about the events this year, I would definitely end up as a loser. LOL!

I am actually good at memory (BEFORE), I just don’t know what happened to me… it’s like I suffer from selective amnesia or something worse to that. I mean, it’s ok to forgot things that happened a week or two but to forgot things that happened for the past year? Now, that’s a problem. LOL!




I still can’t think of any… Be right Back!

Status Symbols in FEU-Institute of Nursing (littlenars’ view)

Monday, December 29th, 2008

What are status symbols?

It is something that make you distinct from any other. It is like when you have it, you belong to that certain group. It is an identity for a certain group of people whether it is your profession, organization, school, etc…

In simpler term it’s what makes you say “Ahhh… ganito yan… ahhhh… ganito siya…” . One concrete example is “Ahh… emo yan!” hahaha!

B.S Nursing has this status symbol with them depending on their batch…

As far as I know, FEU-Institute of Nursing has its own also:

1. IN patch

When I was on my 1st year, we were on enrolled with OGEC (I forgot what it means, all I know is it’s a general curriculum implemented when I was in first year) so I am a nursing student but I don’t have the IN patch. I was jealous back then to my ates and kuyas who were 3rd-4th year. Then, when I was in 2nd year, I was wearing my AHSE patch and still jealous, now that I am on my level IV, I am proud to be wearing my IN patch. In FEU, it’s like you are not considered a “real” nursing student because of the patch. LOL!

Now, with the new curriculum, Level I are now wearing the IN patch and our batch was like “ANG DAYA” anyway, the still have to go through battery exam too (that’s fair enough).

Just an update, some change their patch so that they could violate some of the IN rules and not getting caught. LOL!

2. CHN Bag (Community Health Nursing Bag) AKA PHN bag and OB Bag (Tool Box during duties)

When I was in Level II, I am so excited on carrying this bag. In fact, when I start carrying this bag, my family and friends also started to call me “Little Nurse”. However, when I am carrying this bag, it comes with the word “TOXICITY” because that time, we were bombarded with the dreaded return demonstrations and community organizing activities (not to mention the big and long black umbrella we are required to bring to fight stray dogs.. pfft.). We are also obliged to carry it waist level.

Up until now, I bring my CHN bag during community duties and other field nursing exposures. The funny part there was during community, we place our baons inside it, which is a MORTAL sin. Bwahaha!

Our CHN bag is old-fashioned and I envy the CHN bag now where I can see the first and 2nd year students are now using. It’s like a buddy bag with an FEU logo and you don’t need to carry it waist level all the time.

When you go to 3rd year, you may notice that the bag students are carrying are not bags anymore, rather, it is a plastic transparent tool box which contains paraphernalia for hospital use. It’s cute and handy with different colors. I wish I had those but I haven’t (usually, this bag is for group use already…LOL!)

3. Clinical Uniform

In FEU, you are only allowed to where this uniform if you are already a 3rd year student and so it’s a BIG deal if you are wearing one. (Plus the fact that the lower years are looking at you with amazement. LOL!)

It’s not easy wearing an all white uniform, you need to bun your hair and wear your nursing cap but then again, not only you look good wearing this uniform (for years that I’ve been observing, guys who wear clinical uniforms have this” x-factor” as compared to just wearing their campus uniform…LOL!) but it gives you pleasure— “ANGAS” as I may say.

4. IN Lanyard (ID Tag)

What separates FEU-Institute of Nursing from FEU’s other courses is that we have our own lanyard. I believe this rooted from the FIFA Lanyards almost everyone was wearing a year ago. Then, came the “Unibersidad” Lanyards. (Actually, I bought one) and then now, lanyards from different colleges of each universities.

It is limited edition and mostly (as from what I observed), it is worn by Level III and IV students as well as the faculties of the Institute of Nursing.

5. Name Plate

When I was in 1st year, I am so excited to have my name plate because it gives you distinction that you are a nursing student. In FEU, the first time you will have your name plate is when you are in your 2nd year .But with the new curriculum, I don’t know if 1st years already have their nameplates (I bet none as from what I can see…)

You will only have to change colors of nameplates twice, during 2nd and 3rd year. You will use that until you graduate so you take good care of it.

The colors of the nameplate depends on the previous batch “MANA-MANA” as we would say. I have always wanted a nameplate, which is colored green as the background and gold for the text however, our batch got the Silver background and Blue text and during our 2nd year, we got the black background and silver text, which the present 2nd years are now using.

Just an update, now, I rarely use my nameplate. LOL!

The newest addition to it is the…

Nursing Audit Logbook (with 3-5-90 at the cover page)

Why? This means that you are a 4th year and studying for the board exam. Plus the fact that you designed your own as to how you are going to be inspired and motivated no matter how that is. LOL! Most of us just carry this because no bag could fit to it. pffft. LOL!

P.S I always bring with me my logbook though I am not reading it, it makes me feel I have rlready reviewed for my exams. LOL!

These are just based on my observations. No offense to others…


Going crazy over FEU-IN’s Uniforms

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Some of my friends ask me of what is my schedule at school… one word to describe it is “MAGULO” then I would forward them my schedule this coming January and then they will just say “MAGULO NGA”… I even printed a calendar with spaces so I could write my activities in it and won’t get lost. It is now posted at my “to-do” board.

With that, I am having troubles with my uniforms. I usually post the schedule of my uniforms at our refrigerator so that our laundry helper will not get confused as to what I am going to wear every day. I write the schedule per week depending on where I am assigned during duties.

My mom always gets toxic with my uniforms. (Yeah, I don’t do my uniforms… LOL!)

To give you a glimpse of THE FEU-Institute of Nursing uniforms… Here are they:

1. Campus Uniform– To be worn during lecture classes and whenever you are in the campus with whatever transaction you are going to make… (Yup, I am wearing this until now… my lola would tease me and say “hindi ka pa din ba graduate sa ganyang uniform?”)

Actually, there are new set of campus uniform in FEU (white blouse and moss green skirt) and our batch is the last to wear this old “highschool-ish” uniform as they would say.

2. Clinical Uniform– To be worn during hospital duties and hospital orientations ONLY. It is our all white uniform.

3. RLE Uniform– To be worn during health center duties and skills laboratory ONLY. It is a white uniform paired with black shoes and skin tone stockings.

4. Community Uniform- To be worn during field nursing example (occupational, school, geriatric, psychiatric nursing) and community set-up. (I wear this during e-learnings and group meetings…LOL!)

5. P.E Uniform– Obviously, to be worn during P.E Class ONLY (I am not wearing this already, I have taken all my P.E courses already) — at times I wear this when I go to school for transactions and group meetings. There is a new set of P.E uniforms already.

6. Scrub Suit (with Cap, Mask and Smock Gown)- to be worn during Operating Room and Delivery Room exposure. The newest is when we are assigned to VINES.

The Newest addition and the Most controversial of them all…

The Travelling Suit (which is Green)- we are obliged to wear this all the time when we are on our clinical uniform and remove it upon our arrival at the hospital we are assigned to.

Why controversial? Because as we all know, the original of this suit in the U-Belt is CEU. Every time we had a cross encounter with CEU students, they would really look at us from head to toe. LOL!

Aside from our title “Walking Table Cloths” we are now branded as “The Walking Cabbages” Funny right? LOL!

It’s OK. I know I’ll be missing these uniforms and I’ll just wear it with proud and dignity.

Hey! I am a Tamaraw Nurse…:]]

No wonder I am having a hard time organizing my uniforms right?:]

LittleNars’ Horoscope for the day…

Monday, December 29th, 2008

The Bottom Line
You have been clinging too tightly to someone when you may need to just let go.

In Detail
Someone in your life has been running hot and cold on you, and today you should turn off the faucet and walk away. You have been working so hard at making a connection with them, but it’s not worth it. You have been clinging too tightly when you may need to let go. Maybe when you’re not around, this person will understand the value you bring to their life, and maybe not. But you are not getting what you deserve right now, and you are better off moving on. Control your destiny!

Im not “always” a horoscope follower… I don’t know where the hell did they get this… but nonetheless, I would just like to comment my Friendster horoscope for today…:]

Often times, Friendster always got my horoscope right… I don’t know it it’s just coincidence or they’re really a psychic…


“You have been working so hard at making a connection with them, but it’s not worth it.”

Ok… So, that line struck me the most…

I was thinking… To whom does it pertain? I mean… I haven’t been being intimate or whatsoever with someone… Neither do I like someone… (Except for McSteamy! LOL!)


I have been thinking that vacation is a time to catch up with my other friends… and to the one’s whom I haven’t been able to reply with their text messages due to bankruptcy and busy schedule— which I am doing now…

Maybe that’s what’s it pertaining to???


Maybe…… NOT!

One thing I learned with our Nursing Leadership and Management lecture was to not be able to get distracted with things DON’T ALWAYS LOOK AVAILABLE.

What does that mean?

Here’s the thing, when we always look available… people will tend to always invite us to go out and do other things and make you not to focus on what you SHOULD do... But if you don’t then they won’t dare to invite you at all because you look “busy”.

The other side of the bridge says to me that, when you look available, people will tend to underestimate your value. They might not see your worth… Maybe when you make yourself not too available, that’s when they will see what they have not been seeing all this time or maybe not (like what my horoscope says…) — that’s the shitty part. Nevertheless, it goes to show that they just won a stone over a gold… I mean, it’s their lost and you are better off without them.

You should be missed every now and then… (it’s good to be missed you know…:]])

It makes me think again…

I shouldn’t have registered for unlimited text for 5 days. LOL!:]]

Oh. Crap.

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