Why do we attend Simbang Gabi?

December 24th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

I still can’t believe that Christmas is just one sleep away…

I haven’t completed the Simbang Gabi… I have 4 absences… I was frustrated because I have completed it for 3 straight years already and God is really good because in all those years, He really made all my wishes happen.

From the 5 masses that I have attended, one homily that struck me most was when I attended the mass at UST Chapel. The priest said, We people are fond of doing things because of the things and the benefits we will get in return. We are always motivated to do something because we know that we will be rewarded.

He cited many examples that I know each of the people listening to his homily were being pinched in the heart because it’s the reality. However, the best example was “WHY ARE WE ATTENDING and TRYING OUR BEST TO COMPLETE THE SIMBANG GABI?”

Isn’t it we only want to see our crushes at the church?

Isn’t it something to brag about ?


Isn’t it that we have petitions and wishes that we want God to grant?

90% I believe were guilty and nodded their heads, including me. Each of us has our wishes that we want to come true and we ask God through this sacrifice, this novena, the Simbang Gabi.

I wish for the good of my studies, good health of the family, happiness of everyone I love, strength and motivation also for my studies and many more… Some wish for jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends and health… Seldom attend mass because they want to prepare themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ, which is the sad part.

From that homily, I realized that attending Simbang Gabi should be done for Jesus and not for our own good. Some of us may not want to continue attending if we happen to make an absence but then again, we should still do it in for the love of Christ. We should make ourselves worthy and make it as our gift to Him. May we always bear that in mind.

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    There is certainly a lot to learn about this issue. I really like all the
    points you made.

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