LittleNars’ Horoscope for the day…

December 29th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

The Bottom Line
You have been clinging too tightly to someone when you may need to just let go.

In Detail
Someone in your life has been running hot and cold on you, and today you should turn off the faucet and walk away. You have been working so hard at making a connection with them, but it’s not worth it. You have been clinging too tightly when you may need to let go. Maybe when you’re not around, this person will understand the value you bring to their life, and maybe not. But you are not getting what you deserve right now, and you are better off moving on. Control your destiny!

Im not “always” a horoscope follower… I don’t know where the hell did they get this… but nonetheless, I would just like to comment my Friendster horoscope for today…:]

Often times, Friendster always got my horoscope right… I don’t know it it’s just coincidence or they’re really a psychic…


“You have been working so hard at making a connection with them, but it’s not worth it.”

Ok… So, that line struck me the most…

I was thinking… To whom does it pertain? I mean… I haven’t been being intimate or whatsoever with someone… Neither do I like someone… (Except for McSteamy! LOL!)


I have been thinking that vacation is a time to catch up with my other friends… and to the one’s whom I haven’t been able to reply with their text messages due to bankruptcy and busy schedule— which I am doing now…

Maybe that’s what’s it pertaining to???


Maybe…… NOT!

One thing I learned with our Nursing Leadership and Management lecture was to not be able to get distracted with things DON’T ALWAYS LOOK AVAILABLE.

What does that mean?

Here’s the thing, when we always look available… people will tend to always invite us to go out and do other things and make you not to focus on what you SHOULD do... But if you don’t then they won’t dare to invite you at all because you look “busy”.

The other side of the bridge says to me that, when you look available, people will tend to underestimate your value. They might not see your worth… Maybe when you make yourself not too available, that’s when they will see what they have not been seeing all this time or maybe not (like what my horoscope says…) — that’s the shitty part. Nevertheless, it goes to show that they just won a stone over a gold… I mean, it’s their lost and you are better off without them.

You should be missed every now and then… (it’s good to be missed you know…:]])

It makes me think again…

I shouldn’t have registered for unlimited text for 5 days. LOL!:]]

Oh. Crap.

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