Status Symbols in FEU-Institute of Nursing (littlenars’ view)

December 29th, 2008 by Dianne Peña

What are status symbols?

It is something that make you distinct from any other. It is like when you have it, you belong to that certain group. It is an identity for a certain group of people whether it is your profession, organization, school, etc…

In simpler term it’s what makes you say “Ahhh… ganito yan… ahhhh… ganito siya…” . One concrete example is “Ahh… emo yan!” hahaha!

B.S Nursing has this status symbol with them depending on their batch…

As far as I know, FEU-Institute of Nursing has its own also:

1. IN patch

When I was on my 1st year, we were on enrolled with OGEC (I forgot what it means, all I know is it’s a general curriculum implemented when I was in first year) so I am a nursing student but I don’t have the IN patch. I was jealous back then to my ates and kuyas who were 3rd-4th year. Then, when I was in 2nd year, I was wearing my AHSE patch and still jealous, now that I am on my level IV, I am proud to be wearing my IN patch. In FEU, it’s like you are not considered a “real” nursing student because of the patch. LOL!

Now, with the new curriculum, Level I are now wearing the IN patch and our batch was like “ANG DAYA” anyway, the still have to go through battery exam too (that’s fair enough).

Just an update, some change their patch so that they could violate some of the IN rules and not getting caught. LOL!

2. CHN Bag (Community Health Nursing Bag) AKA PHN bag and OB Bag (Tool Box during duties)

When I was in Level II, I am so excited on carrying this bag. In fact, when I start carrying this bag, my family and friends also started to call me “Little Nurse”. However, when I am carrying this bag, it comes with the word “TOXICITY” because that time, we were bombarded with the dreaded return demonstrations and community organizing activities (not to mention the big and long black umbrella we are required to bring to fight stray dogs.. pfft.). We are also obliged to carry it waist level.

Up until now, I bring my CHN bag during community duties and other field nursing exposures. The funny part there was during community, we place our baons inside it, which is a MORTAL sin. Bwahaha!

Our CHN bag is old-fashioned and I envy the CHN bag now where I can see the first and 2nd year students are now using. It’s like a buddy bag with an FEU logo and you don’t need to carry it waist level all the time.

When you go to 3rd year, you may notice that the bag students are carrying are not bags anymore, rather, it is a plastic transparent tool box which contains paraphernalia for hospital use. It’s cute and handy with different colors. I wish I had those but I haven’t (usually, this bag is for group use already…LOL!)

3. Clinical Uniform

In FEU, you are only allowed to where this uniform if you are already a 3rd year student and so it’s a BIG deal if you are wearing one. (Plus the fact that the lower years are looking at you with amazement. LOL!)

It’s not easy wearing an all white uniform, you need to bun your hair and wear your nursing cap but then again, not only you look good wearing this uniform (for years that I’ve been observing, guys who wear clinical uniforms have this” x-factor” as compared to just wearing their campus uniform…LOL!) but it gives you pleasure— “ANGAS” as I may say.

4. IN Lanyard (ID Tag)

What separates FEU-Institute of Nursing from FEU’s other courses is that we have our own lanyard. I believe this rooted from the FIFA Lanyards almost everyone was wearing a year ago. Then, came the “Unibersidad” Lanyards. (Actually, I bought one) and then now, lanyards from different colleges of each universities.

It is limited edition and mostly (as from what I observed), it is worn by Level III and IV students as well as the faculties of the Institute of Nursing.

5. Name Plate

When I was in 1st year, I am so excited to have my name plate because it gives you distinction that you are a nursing student. In FEU, the first time you will have your name plate is when you are in your 2nd year .But with the new curriculum, I don’t know if 1st years already have their nameplates (I bet none as from what I can see…)

You will only have to change colors of nameplates twice, during 2nd and 3rd year. You will use that until you graduate so you take good care of it.

The colors of the nameplate depends on the previous batch “MANA-MANA” as we would say. I have always wanted a nameplate, which is colored green as the background and gold for the text however, our batch got the Silver background and Blue text and during our 2nd year, we got the black background and silver text, which the present 2nd years are now using.

Just an update, now, I rarely use my nameplate. LOL!

The newest addition to it is the…

Nursing Audit Logbook (with 3-5-90 at the cover page)

Why? This means that you are a 4th year and studying for the board exam. Plus the fact that you designed your own as to how you are going to be inspired and motivated no matter how that is. LOL! Most of us just carry this because no bag could fit to it. pffft. LOL!

P.S I always bring with me my logbook though I am not reading it, it makes me feel I have rlready reviewed for my exams. LOL!

These are just based on my observations. No offense to others…


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16 Responses to “Status Symbols in FEU-Institute of Nursing (littlenars’ view)”

  1. Kobs Says:

    I rmember those days when I used to wear those CHN feeling ko ang taas n ng nrting ko! haha! well as years passed aun png health center pla 😛


    woo! dpat 2000-2000-100!
    top 2000 FEU
    100% passing rate ganyan ang GOAL! attainable?! haha!

  2. Jason Says:

    Nice lanyards. how much are those? exclusive lang po ba sa FEU students?

  3. Dianne Peña Says:

    @jason- yung green lanyard, meron sa mga sports center sa malls, i think its 120php pero sa feu, 80php lng… ung peach lanyard is exclusive for feu nursing students only…

  4. tamaraws08 Says:

    ahaha kulit naman nakakatuwa.
    1st year din kasi ako kaya
    kakarelate ako weeee ahahaha
    haggard nga bagong curriculum
    ee weeeeee.tecceee

  5. leonie Says:

    wat 2 wear on d 1st day of class at also nursing s2dent..pls help!!1

  6. Dianne Peña Says:

    @leonie- hi! you can wear civilian clothes but no shorts and slippers… (magagalit yung mga guards.. haha!) good luck on your 1st day..:]]

  7. leonie Says:

    i c..
    tnx a lot 4 d info…nyahahaha!!!
    do you hve fs accnt?

  8. leonie Says:

    there’s more..hehe
    wer can i buy patches?
    is it okay if i wear my uni4m w/out patch?

  9. Gil :) Says:

    hi pwede po bang mag civilian sa june 8? 🙂 (First Day?) kahit sa anung course? 😀 pls rep po thanks 😀

  10. karisse Says:

    dianne uy congrats… anu passing rate ng FEU… RN na tayo!!!!

  11. myla Says:

    haha ang bilis talaga ng panahon, 20 years ago, dalawa lang ang uniform namin white blouse and skirt plus black shoes for our school uniform and a white dress for our clinical uniform. You were right though, you’re really something if you have a FEU-IN patch on your uniform. I will brag though, I was wearing the FEU-IN patch on my first year second semester. I was so thankful that I don’t need to wear the green skirt and brown blouse. We called it the inverted tree back then!

  12. Dianne Peña Says:

    oh well, uniforms come with cash and as they say, we are the Fastest Earning University. LOL! 🙂 and I wanna see those inverted trees. hehe Now we are the walking cabbage. the green checkered skirt for girls were now being replaced by a plain moss green “college-looking” skirt. Nice but I think, it just suits well on few students.

  13. Lheajane Socrates Says:

    Hello! Im a graduating student from IN. 🙂 I really like your blog ate. Kudos! 🙂

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