My EPIC FAIL year-ender post PART II

December 31st, 2008 by Dianne Peña

My 2008, a combination of my FIRSTS and ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

I started blogging again
and attending blogging events
I stayed single for the whole year
The birth of
and also
I got my new fone
I completed my OR Cases
and also my DR Cases
I have read 13 novels
I have partied to 6 different bars
I have been to 5 different places last summer vacation
I have solved the rubik’s cube
I have stayed awake for 29 straight hours (during duty)
I experienced 16 hours of straight duty and then the next day
I felt like a border in my own house
I started to go to malls by myself
I started to wear dress and mini shorts (LOL!)
I went to a Spa
I’ve witnessed on how to make a book
I’ve seen a heart, brain, intestine, uterus, gallbladder and appendix (and hemorrhoids too… LOL!)
I’ve scrubbed in and assisted for a major operation
and also for a minor operation like a real staff nurse
I’ve set-up a sterile field on my own (LOL!)
I’ve went to a wet market to buy for the ingredients of our food
then cook it with the help of my classmate
I’ve survived at sleeping without a bed and an electric fan for days
I’ve danced with the tune of Low and Soulja Boy
I’ve been punk’d by our reviewer (Sir Asuncion. LOL!)
I’ve been reviewing for the board exam (Nursing Audit)
I killed a dummy… LOL!
I learned how to do CPR (but I am not yet certified)
I have an encounter with mental patients

I became an official Red Cross Youth Collegiate Council member
I have kept 2 secrets then when it was brought up…
I became innocent when I knew it all along
I’ve visited a friend in a hospital
I’ve attended UP Fair and UST Paskuhan
I gained weight. pffft!
I got my long loved Parker mechanical pencil (courtesy of Lyne)
I started to love LRT line 1 (LOL!)
I “was” always late
I performed a declamation… (oh meeenn…)
I got new group mates
and sets of friends
I grew my hair long
and I got a new haircut (I hate it now.. I hate my hair arrggghhh…)
I learned Adobe Photoshop
I don’t watch T.V anymore (auuhhhh….:[)
I got my eyelash extension
and it’s gone now… LOL!
I haven’t completed the Simbang Gabi
I finally have my own cork board (to-do board)
I have taken care of patients in the I.C.U
I bought the Nike bag on my Christmas wish
I have started to do my pedicure…
I got the worst Atopic Dermatitis attack last summer
and it was solved by Virgin Coconut Oil (eeewww.. hahaha)
My 2 cousins are already in states
and we don’t have a New Year’s Reunion today (this sucks. arrrggghhh)
I got my _________ hahahaha! (secret!)
I met Judy Ann Santos… LOL!
I have not been thrifty this year (which I formerly am)
and I even declared Bankruptcy (LOL!)
“Bebe Gerl and Bebe Boy” expressions
and even “Traidor” (which my group only understands— courtesy of Llanah)
I got myself into 4 exchange gifts… hahaha!
“Nakakaloka…”— my word for the year
I’ve been addicted to Boys Night Out (Magic 89.9)
even loved Sam YG’s voice LOL!
“Per-for-mance” and “Ding ding ding ding… they’re watching” expressions at VINES
I learned to walk fast— REAL fast
I started to attend St. Jude Novenas —AGAIN.
My younger sister is NOW taller than me (huhuhu :[)
I have worn an N95 mask for a duty
I have been wearing FEU’s NEW traveling suit
and I almost lost mine (I interchanged it with my groupmate)

I have the MOST number of overnights this year

I passed my speech class (so controversial…LOL!)
My old “tambayan” closed already (sad…:[)
I started to like spicy foods…
Me and my family frequently go out to eat and chill (I looove it)
I started to give out my number to others
and not reply to them (bad me. hahah!)
I started my last semester at FEU (waaaahhh… can’t believe it)
and next year I am gonna be unemployed
(now that sucks. LOL!)

Oh well… it’s time to change calendar…
So long 2008…
Welcome 2009!!!
(and you better be a good one…:]])

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

New year message to be posted later.
Have to think of it again.
hehehe. BRB.

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