My EPIC FAIL year-ender post…

December 31st, 2008 by Dianne Peña

Last night, I attempted to make my year-ender post for 2008 but unfortunately, I was only able to make one sentence, a phrase plus three dots… what’s up with that right? LOL!

Now as I type, I would try to make a meaningful year-ender post within a few hours— at least for me… (So help me GOD.)

I start to ask myself, what’s with 2008 that I am having a hard time writing an entry about it…

Maybe it’s not a year worth talking about?

or maybe…

It’s not just my year… LOL!

Last night, I tried to recall memories that happened this year. I even asked my sister for help up until now and guess what I’ve got?

NOTHING. (pfft.)


Is this what nursing course does to me? I hope not. LOL!

I am doing poorly in remembering the things that happened with the year 2007 and 2008…

If there would be a memory contest about the events this year, I would definitely end up as a loser. LOL!

I am actually good at memory (BEFORE), I just don’t know what happened to me… it’s like I suffer from selective amnesia or something worse to that. I mean, it’s ok to forgot things that happened a week or two but to forgot things that happened for the past year? Now, that’s a problem. LOL!




I still can’t think of any… Be right Back!

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