My EPIC FAIL year-ender post FINAL

January 1st, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Since I don’t know how to end my Year-End message, I made this letter for everyone who have touched my life this year and onwards…

To my 2008 persons and hopefully until the end of time…

Honestly, my 2008 is not really a great year for me, this year is not as what I expected it to be. For me, this year is like “doing what I SHOULD do” “COMPLYING with the rules” “going with the flow” “TRYING very hard to make things work” “living with JUST the OK” “waking up and be a ROBOT” to sum it up, my year is nothing but in MONOTONY.

But you know what?

I HAVE LIVE through with THAT the WHOLE year… I learned to enjoy little things, I learned to smile, I have had several HARD laughs, I enjoyed doing the things that I should do, the ROBOT became soft and bubbly, the OK became a satisfaction and the fulfillment of an unattainable expectations, the rules became simple and a normal fact of life and the TRYING became spontaneous and fun

That all happened…


(I know that part is mushy and corny and cheesy and stuff, but it’s true…)

The company, the expensive cups of coffee, the cheap beers, the free entrances— the freebies, the “in-betweens” during toxicity, the expensive dinners, the tight hugs and the great relieve, the words or encouragements and merely the “GOOD MORNING” text messages, the short but meaningful Friendster, blog and Multiply comments, the weird expressions we only understand, those awesome and some boring movie dates and JUST YOUR PRESENCE…

With that, I want to THANK YOU!!!

You made my 2008 worthwhile. I never actually thought I would survive this year, but I DID. THANK YOU for the inspiration, motivation and support.

Ok, So here comes the tough part of my melodramatic letter…

I know I have flaws, I AM SOOOO INSENSITIVEtactless at times, I don’t want to defend myself now. I am helpless with that but I am trying. I AM REALLY SORRY!!! I am asking you to please give me this year, this chance… and I will be soooo eager to try and stop being one.

I AM ALWAYS LATE (during call times). I tried to make up for those times… I hope you’ve seen that and I will prove that I am not going to be late again this year.

If you think that I have forgotten you because of the school works and other stuffs, NO I DIDN’T. A cliché as it may sound, I am thinking of you before I go to bed. I remember you when I cross encounter with things that make me remember of you— maybe a song, an event, a thing, an expression and whatnots…

And for all else I did that caused a tear in your heart, my outmost APOLOGIES. It’s my bad that I caused our relationship into danger but hey, I got this year to fix it right (if that’s OK with you?).

I know I can be the SWEETEST and MOST THOUGHTFUL girl you may now but I can also be such A PAIN IN THE ASS…

I just want you to know that what we have is VERY SIGNIFICANT to me and I LOVE YOU for that. It may not show and it may not be obvious but I DO… I ALWAYS DO… I admit this is a BUSY WORLD that I need not only to show it but also say it… I want you to know that I am doing this THE WAY I KNOW HOW. It may be terrible for you, but for me, it’s the way it is… I hope you don’t leave me because of that.

I HOPE you’ll NEVER LEAVE. You see, my life is a coloring book. It was black and white, it’s plain and dull but it’s a DAMN coloring book— YOU PUT COLOR to it and you turned it to something BEAUTIFUL and made it WORTH-LOOKING for. I don’t want to be plain and dull and boring and ugly… JUST STAY… You make ME beautiful…


You have been such a “BIG TIME” blessing to me. May God give you more blessings and everything good that you deserve this year and in the coming years.

I also wish that you will spend another year with me… LOL!

(Ok, so this letter will become an epic if I don’t stop, so I’m going to stop now…)

Your Littlenars,

This letter goes out to my not-so-nice persons this 2008, hope this year will be a better year for us… *PEACE!

This year 2009, I will hopefully be graduating, reviewing for the Nursing Licensure Exam and hopefully passing it or if possible, even topping it. I will be volunteering to learn or much better, be employed to a good hospital. I will be earning money, I will be able to travel and I will grant all the wishes of my mother and siblings and friends— I have always wanted that and who doesn’t right? These are just some of my dreams this year, I am not a FUTURE person and I don’t plan however, I hope and I pray hard for all those things to become possible.

This is my YEAR. To my batchmates, FEU-IN ’09 and to all batch ’09… This is our time to shine…

Let’s make the most out of it, Luciat Vex Lustra!!!

Good Luck and God Bless to all of us!

With all hopes up this year 2009…

Hey! I still JUMPED…:]]

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