My EPIC FAIL year-ender post PART III

January 1st, 2009 by Dianne Peña

I was thinking…

If I really want to make a year-end (or should I say year-start…LOL!) message…

I should do it now… As in STAT!

New years are always filled with reunions, booze, fireworks (firecrackers), loud noise, food, wishes, good luck charms and new year’s resolution. It is also coupled with the words “Thank You…”, “Sorry” and “I Love You!”. You may probably think I will end up writing about those stuffs above as you read— then, you are correct.

As my family welcomed the year, with all the fireworks and stuffs made by our neighbor I felt like I was the one making that noise… I shouted for I was grateful of the previous year and for another year to experience with my FAMILY.

On the other side, —the sad part I mean… I missed those reunions and “whole” family stuffs with the CLAN… The noise of the compound when the clock strikes 12, the presentations me and my 10 other cousins prepared for the new year, the bingo (I always win before), the high jumps we made and the warmth caused by hugs and kisses… We haven’t got any gatherings this year… I hope there will be, anytime SOON.

If you are going to read the part II of my year-end post, I can say that I have learned a lot this year and I believe, it is “task-oriented” I mean, almost 70% are all school related. As to compare with my 2007, I believe I have improved my social relationships; I spent time with MORE people NOW rather than focusing myself to a PARTICULAR people/person. My social life extended and I am very GRATEFUL with that. I believe I have learned to balance it with my studies also. I have satisfying grades this year and IM LOVING IT.



Oooopppsss, experiencing “writer’s block”

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