Finally… i found it…:]

March 27th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Finally, I am already enrolled in a review center and my review class will start on April 1…


I’ll let you know in my future posts…:]]

Here’s the catch, I am all by myself in that review center and so, I need to be really independent

My friends would tease me

“Hindi INDEPENDENT tawag don… LONER!!!”

then I would just say…

“Ok lang yan, malay mo… pagtingen ko sa katabi ko, SOULMATE ko na pala yun…”

and then, we’ll all laugh…

I think, reviewing by yourself will help you focus more also, it will allow you to socialize with other people from other schools… However, I am afraid because I have difficulty in hearing and so, I am DOOMED. hahaha :p Also, it is a known fact that I need to be absent for school reasons because I will have my graduation practice, graduation per se and pinning ceremony simultaneous with my review and so, I know I will miss a lot of notes… (I hope I can find friends by that time so I can borrow notes…:])

This is just an update… I’ll keep you posted!

Thank You for the comments in my previous post, that helped me a lot…:]

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