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EMO 101: At least a goodbye…

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Trivia about me:
My poetic self enfolds during the night…
Writing poem is a way for me to detoxify the bad elements out of my system
It is a way for me to regain my homeostasis…:]]

So here’s something that I wrote few nights ago… (using my SE phone… LOL!)

Is it worth to wait and hope
Or is it the end, I feel so cold

It’s been a while and I miss you so
Please tell me if you needed to go

Don’t hang me in this plight of ours
Cause I am happy by your side even for enth hours

Are we still on it
Or am I on my own feet

Spare my mind in this cloudy confusion
Are you sending clues for my own realization

I know it is not manly for you
I am sorry but I want what is true

Is this your way of saying goodbye
Tell me and look straight into my eyes

Are you continuing just “for the sake”
Don’t show me what I feel is fake

Please say that you’re still here
But if you can’t, at least a “Goodbye” my dear

EMO 101: I dont wanna…

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Here’s something that I do to release stress and disappointments as to my whereabouts… Hope you’ll like it…

I don’t wanna let you know how I feel anymore
Cause I can see you’re not the same as before

Is it because I let you feel I am so into you
Or is it because I became out of the blue

Sometimes I miss you and sometimes I don’t
Do I still want this or I just had an antidote

I wonder if this will change
Or this is just a phase

Will we go back to those blissful moments
Or is this a sign of another torment

You told me things I now believe
But why does it suddenly leave

Help me to ignore you
If this is your goodbye cue

Please don’t let me feel this way
Cause I don’t want another dismay


Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I am now a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (since April 7, 2009)…
(Will blog about it when my schedule permits…Lol!)

I am finished with 4 hospitals for the completion of my PRC form and 1 hospital to go…

I have been a runner for our PRC forms. (sooooo tiring!)

I found 2 new friends from the review center I am in…

And I have 2 absences already (and still counting)… tsk tsk…

I got my TOR, Cedula, PRC ID Picture (which by the way sucks. eeew!) , RLE Certification (I don’t know what to call it…) and PRC Application form…

I am lacking the Clinical Coordinator and the Dean’s Sign for my PRC Form…

I am still waiting for my NEW NSO Birth Certificate…

I don’t know when I am going to file my application for the Nursing Licensure Exam…
(because simultaneously, I have a review class… and the deadline is on April 17 arggghhh!!!)

Plus the fact that, this week is a holy week and on April 15 is my Pinning Ceremony…

Now… I am worried as to how will I file my application and if I would ever file it on time…

So help us GOD!

There’s something that I am not quite satisfied…
and I don’t know how I can share it with you… LOL!

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