EMO 101: At least a goodbye…

April 8th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Trivia about me:
My poetic self enfolds during the night…
Writing poem is a way for me to detoxify the bad elements out of my system
It is a way for me to regain my homeostasis…:]]

So here’s something that I wrote few nights ago… (using my SE phone… LOL!)

Is it worth to wait and hope
Or is it the end, I feel so cold

It’s been a while and I miss you so
Please tell me if you needed to go

Don’t hang me in this plight of ours
Cause I am happy by your side even for enth hours

Are we still on it
Or am I on my own feet

Spare my mind in this cloudy confusion
Are you sending clues for my own realization

I know it is not manly for you
I am sorry but I want what is true

Is this your way of saying goodbye
Tell me and look straight into my eyes

Are you continuing just “for the sake”
Don’t show me what I feel is fake

Please say that you’re still here
But if you can’t, at least a “Goodbye” my dear

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3 Responses to “EMO 101: At least a goodbye…”

  1. Kobs Says:

    Sad naman nito. may umaway ba sau? sabhin mo lang!.. tapos..
    aun nkwento mo na. hehehe jowk!

  2. Dianne Says:

    @kobs.. kanta tlga yan eh. hahaha

  3. Kobs Says:

    kanta ba talaga yan?.. wushu! tlga lanh ha! hehe!. poeter k pla hubby! wahaha!..

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