EMO 101: I dont wanna…

April 8th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Here’s something that I do to release stress and disappointments as to my whereabouts… Hope you’ll like it…

I don’t wanna let you know how I feel anymore
Cause I can see you’re not the same as before

Is it because I let you feel I am so into you
Or is it because I became out of the blue

Sometimes I miss you and sometimes I don’t
Do I still want this or I just had an antidote

I wonder if this will change
Or this is just a phase

Will we go back to those blissful moments
Or is this a sign of another torment

You told me things I now believe
But why does it suddenly leave

Help me to ignore you
If this is your goodbye cue

Please don’t let me feel this way
Cause I don’t want another dismay

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One Response to “EMO 101: I dont wanna…”

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