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How to start reviewing for the board exam? (the LittleNars way)

Monday, August 31st, 2009

1. Arrange your things (books, review materials, notes) and the place on where you intend to study. Make sure your place is conducive for learning. Keep it organized.

this is how my room ended up after the review...

this is how my room ended up after the review...LOL!

2. Make a note for yourself. Put your goal or any motivational/inspirational thing you want. It can be a shout out board/freedom board/ post-it/ poster or whatever just as long as you can see it everyday.

i made this during my vacation at Zambales

i made this during my vacation at Zambales and use it as a wallpaper for my phone

3. If you’re self-reviewing, make yourself a schedule or a routine in which you can follow everyday. NO EXCUSES. If you’re enrolled in a review center, attend diligently and don’t be late (don’t be like me, I am always late. LOL!).

4. Do whatever you like with whomever you want before you start reviewing, because the moment you start, you have to stay focused. Be wise in using your NEURONS. They are really precious and you need to preserve as many of them as possible until the boards. LOL. (Please refer HERE for mine..)

5. PRAY. Pray for good health, better understanding of the things you need to learn, unending motivation and inspiration, good reviewers, conducive environment, passing the board exam for you and your friends and most especially to make right decisions (in both answering the exams and the everyday life).


I actually prayed the rosary and go to the church to offer a candle and a prayer every day during the review.

Nursing Board Exam Tips 02: Starting Out by LittleNars

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Since the start for the Nursing Licensure Examination review for November 2009 is coming, (or better yet, already starting for some…) and since I’ve experienced reviewing for the June 2009 NLE myself, here are some of my tips for you:

5. If you are planning to review with the help of a review center, make sure that you are comfortable and convenient with the price, location, population, and schedule because the least that you can have in reviewing is additional S-T-R-E-S-S (Review is enough stress already). Mind you, it is not about the popularity, percentage of passing or the “L” whispers (if there’s such thing) of the review center because if you would go for that and disregard the above, it ain’t going to work for you. Review is about RECALL and ROUTINE.

when i was scouting for a review center

when i was scouting for a review center

4. When your review class starts, make sure to take down notes (don’t be lazy), listen attentively and recite if it requires you to recite in chorus until you get sick of those repetitions because that is one strategy that will really help you recall and retain the lessons.  The more senses you use, the more retention you’ll gain.

P.S During the examinations, I honestly think of my notes of where I have written the things I need to remember to answer the test questions correctly. It never failed me.

3. Practice answering previous board exam questions BUT DO NOT BUY BOOKLETS AT THE STALLS ALONG PRC. Their answer key is a disaster. (This tip was my only regret when I was reviewing. I focused myself into answering NCLEX questions because they said that the board is now NCLEX type, WHICH WAS NOT —for the June 2009 NLE) You can buy previous board exam booklets in your respective review centers or ask your friends to buy for you (if you’re self-reviewing) or lend you theirs if their finished.

i was answering this, i almost finished it. ALMOST:p

i was answering this, i almost finished it. ALMOST:p

2. Always read your notes or the test questions provided for you every after your review class. Don’t let it wait and multiply. You won’t want yourself to be overflowed with review materials when the board exam is near and go gaga of what to read first— you can’t finish it, I tell you. The more the date is coming, the less should be your reviewing (you should have reviewed it by that time already) because you need to RELAX.

all the questionnaires from my review center...

all the questionnaires from my review center...

1. NEVER BORROW REVIEW MATERIALS FROM OTHER REVIEW CENTERS IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ENROLLED TO ANOTHER REVIEW CENTER. It will just confuse you. It’s OK to share a little, some mnemonics or technique, ask them on how to better understand a topic but not EVERYTHING. You and your friends will just end up debating and all. Also, you wont have anytime meeting with your friends because they are also busy reviewing and your schedule doesn’t compliment.

So there, I hope these will help you in your review… There will be more coming, so stay tuned. LOL. God Bless Nurses.

DSC01371 (2)
*more nursing board exam tips here.

Littlenars is now a full pledged NARS…:]

Friday, August 21st, 2009

They say, Oath taking is the highlight of everything that you’ve been working hard on when you were still a student… It is your turning point… a portal to the world of “Professionals”

Many were called but few are chosen… As the cliché goes, indeed, we are the few chosen people, “SURVIVORS”. However, I don’t want to think it that way… Because I believe the REAL test is just about to commence…


Well… I had my oath taking… THE most awaited oath taking for nurses…

I and my friends… or colleagues I may say are so happy that our eyes glistened and faces glowed… Everyone looked “professional” in our gala uniforms…


Everyone is equipped with their cameras and posed their best smiles and wacky faces in every corner of the SMX Convention Center… (well, I am guilty with that…:p)


As the program begins, the irony of the event…. Here’s what we’re doing:

Taking pictures…


Eating… (yes, we know it’s prohibited… but it’s a physiologic need… :P)


Playing Nintendo DS

Wi-fi-ing (if there’s a term… LOL)

When we were reciting our pledges… some were serious, some can’t follow what was being recited, some were laughing, some were taking pictures, some were feeling it… yes, feeling it…

And what did I do? I think I belong to the “some who can’t follow what was being recited” for some reasons that, I can’t see the screen and the leader was so fast… (yes, I am too lazy to read it from the souvenir program and on my other hand is my cam phone taking pictures…LOL!)


I honestly didn’t pay attention except for the Florence Nightingale Pledge… (though we have tackled that in our lectures and review, I haven’t recited it for real… and so there…:])

Oh wait, one thing I will not forget was when each schools were recognized… FEU Nurses (that’s US) had the longest exposure since we were the biggest population, we had the loudest cheer… The emcee said that “We were enough to staff the hospitals in Manila…” then a loud cheer once again…

My mom, who is also a nurse, shared to me some bloopers as she was paying attention to the ceremony than almost all of the inductees that time…




…..can’t see it? read it again…LOL!

After the event, SM Mall of Asia was flooded by white people, by white I mean, NURSES. Everyone so hungry, complaining of soooo many people, and rushing to the comfort rooms…

My mom and I ate for lunch, bought some stuffs than headed straight home… We were exhausted then I asked her, “Ma, Naiyak ka ba?” and she said… “Muntik na, nung kinukunan ko kayo ng picture… ang saya-saya niyo kasi ng mga friends mo eh…”


Indeed, we were all proud and overwhelmed. It’s like a reunion for we haven’t seen each other for so long plus it’s a big event for us because we are being inducted as a REGISTERED NURSE… We can legally affix the 2 precious letters we were dreaming of “R.N”.

Congratulations to all the FULL PLEDGED NURSES!!!

Dear BON and PRC…
As you might have read this blog post…
Please don’t revoke our license…
I come in peace…:]]

*down on my knees*

P.S is still not my thank you speech…:p

Updated Schedule for PRC Registration June 2009 NLE Passers

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Here’s the new and updated schedule for PRC Registration of June 2009 Nursing Licensure Exam Passers (Manila) June 2009 Prc-manila Registration Schedule


Top 5 things a BSN (Nursing) student do after Graduation… (Littlenars’ View)

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


5. BSN graduates haaaaaaaave a looooooong looooooonng nice SLEEP. Name it, they can beat it. hahah (Yes, we’ve been sleep deprived. LOL)

sleeping time

4. BSN graduates go out with friends to party, chill, swim… Whether out of town, bar, club or just a house party… (Of course, to celebrate and to make up with all those toxic times…)


3. Girls grow their nails and paint it with LOUD colors… (A big NO-NO because long nails harbors microorganisms that can cause infection. Darn. LOL!)


2. Guys grow their hair and beard or both… (They have to maintain a hair requirement— not touching their collars)


1. Girls have a total HAIR MAKEOVER. It may be a haircut, hair color, hair spa, hair rebond or all of the above… (Yes, our hair is on distress because it’s always in a bun. haha)



Ohhh well, guilty of all the above, except for the guy thing. LOL!

Certified BSN Graduate…:))

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