Nursing Board Exam Tips 03: During review hours…

September 8th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Your biggest enemy is of you BEING SLEEPY. DON’T FORCE YOURSELF TO REVIEW IF YOU DO, you’re just wasting your time. If you are sleepy during a review class, go out and stretch for a few minutes. I tell you, it is better than staying inside the room and ending up asleep the whole review session.

STAY AWAY FROM TEMPTATIONS/DISTRACTIONS = PRACTICE SELF-DISCIPLINE. If you have a seatmate or you are with somebody who’s asleep during review session, who’s not taking down notes, who’s not answering questions or just somebody who DOESN’T PAY ATTENTION. Please, do yourself a favor, distant yourself from them or at least help them by getting their attention and focus to the review. (This also applies to things/hobbies/vices/addiction etc.— you better know it.)

DON’T SKIP MEALS. According to studies, Breakfast gives you extended attention span, better understanding, analysis and retention. I can testify to that. In addition, when you are hungry, the tendency is you focus in your hunger instead of the lesson. You don’t want to knock-out your seatmate because of your morning breath. JK. LOL!

It is ok to review by group but the most helpful way to make that effective is to REVIEW BY YOURSELF FIRST so that you have your own idea and an overview of that certain topic in which you can share with your review buddies. In that way, after reviewing by yourself, you know what area to ask for help or to clarify.

APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN. Use the things you are reviewing in your daily life, or at least find a way. In that sense, you can easily remember and the chance you forget is at its minimum. Connect the medical terms, diseases, etc. to a person who best fit the description, yes I know it’s harsh but it’s better than not passing right? LOL!

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