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September 16th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Due to insistent public demand regarding my post few months back about the best nursing review center… Here is my sentiment about it…

Everyone’s always wants to have the best, aim for the best and be the best. With that, no matter where you go, no matter what you do… there’s always someone or something who claims to be the best… To believe it, it is your choice…

I am not in the position to compare each nursing review center because technically, I have attended only one review center, which I discussed here. I don’t want to be biased because each review center is unique and has its own style in which, it can bring out the best in every reviewee. I don’t know what’s truth behind the here says and testimonies about each review centers. Lastly, I don’t know the specifics of each review center with regards to the fee, number of review hours, reviewers and schedule.

Along University Belt, Nursing Review Centers sprouts like mushrooms and everyone seems to claim that they are the best. We can never really know unless we try their service because each person has their own preference as to how they can learn best.

A nursing graduate consider many criteria in selecting and scouting for a review center that best suit their needs and preference. I tell you, there are a lot to choose from and I personally have difficulty in deciding where I should go.

Some chooses according to popularity /passing rate (Well, according to PRC, they don’t  mind as to whatever passing rate they put in their ads, so its not a guarantee) and referral of their friends (or online), some go wherever their friends decided to go (without considering his own preference), some by the accessibility as to location, some according to its review fee, and some according to its review program and schedule. In choosing mine, I based it according to my mom’s referral since it was where she reviewed during her time.

Gapuz, Pentagon, SRG, Carl Balita, Merge, RCAP, RUN, Seamed, PRN… Oooohh… Screw those names, Go to where you are COMFORTABLE, don’t mind what others think of each review centers because as cliché as it may sound, IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOU. Review center just prepare and assist you as to where you will focus but not teach you EVERYTHING (if that is what you are expecting) because you should have learned it all during your student years.

Passing the Nursing Board Exam is about Hardwork (FOCUS), Discipline and FAITH. They say sacrifice is also included but I think it is more on the discipline part. Don’t get pressured in choosing or finding for the BEST review center because it is you and your perspective which will make it the BEST. If you think that you’re in the best review center, then so be it. Go to where you’re heart leads you (Gee. am I talking about love? LOL.)


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