On R.A Gapuz Review Center: My Experience

September 17th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

You might be wondering why I don’t have any post last June… Oh well this post will give you the most obvious answer…



Now that I answered the What and the Why… I will answer the Where…

I was reviewing at R.A Gapuz Review Center, SM Manila Branch. My mum was the one who insisted in enrolling at RAGRC because that was where she reviewed during her time. (And yes, I followed her…its like a “mother blessing”)


This review experience was my first attempt to independence. I didn’t join my friends in another review center because I want to start the first step in being away with them. I mean, Graduating means being on your own right? So when the time comes that I really need to be by myself, I can manage and handle it well. I was really sad at first but then as the review went along, I gained friends, a lot of friends.


I admit there were times that I can’t laugh to jokes because I am alone, there were times that I want to say something regarding the topic but cant and ended up texting my friends, there were times that I ate alone… However, it all paid off because I was able to concentrate well in the review without any temptations or distractions (peace my friends. LOL) I mean, you know what I am talking about right?

Anyway, here are some things that I would like to say about R.A Gapuz Review Center:

We have short review hours – the good thing about it is that, you don’t get to have exhausted neurons and information overload in a day. You get to go home early, relax and study on your own or with your group.

Weekend/Weekday schedule– this is what I availed. There is also an AM and PM review for those who are working.

Questionnaires will be your review notes– At the start of the review, you will be given time to answer the questionnaire given then from there, the lesson will take off as it is being rationalized. You get the chance to practice and not feel overwhelmed with the number of test questions. You will master the test taking strategies if you are diligent in answering it with the given time.


No long lecture-discussion/Traditional review technique You don’t need logbook as your notebook because you will be taught just the BASICS AND IMPORTANT in passing the Nursing Licensure Exam. The questionnaire will become your bible as the review goes along.

Pseudo-NLE Answer Sheet Every now and then especially during Final Coaching, you get the chance to practice your shading skills and develop techniques as to minimize your erasures and deductions with the machine checker.


• Handouts during final coaching are much simplified. Sir Ray Gapuz prepares the notes himself.
• Sir Ray Gapuz never complicates things. He is very concise. He gives strategies in memorizing and remembering each topics especially with the confusing ones. He handles all the Final Coaching sessions
• There is a computerized diagnostic exam in which you can assess yourself on where you need to improve
• There are also 2 pre-board examinations one during the comprehensive review and 1 during the final coaching
Location wise, they have several venues that I think is very accessible to each reviewee. They also have provincial branches.

Some drawbacks:
• If you want to have an intense lecture-discussion review or the traditional one, you ain’t going to get it here.
• Large crowd (approximately 250 reviewees per class) but during the Final Coaching all manila and some provincial reviewee will be present in one venue


• Compared to other review center, the reviewee fee is much higher about P16,400.00
• No motivational talks unlike other review centers for the first timers



For more info and inquiry please go to their website at http://www.ragapuzreview.com/

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5 Responses to “On R.A Gapuz Review Center: My Experience”

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  3. Hannah Edria G. Perez Says:

    Your blog is very helpful. I’m a 4thyr nursing student right now. I also want Gapuz but review at Manila starts at March21 I think, eh ayoko pa sna mgrview that time s manila kxe may dlwa png graduation. Then they have gapuz here in Lipa, Batangas. They will start here maybe April18, not sure. Is there a difference between reviewing Gapuz at Manila and other Gapuz center like here in Lipa? Ayaw ni mama dito sa Lipa kxe bka daw bumagsak daw, but I really want Gapuz and this is the last choice in Gapuz. Baka kasi iba na strategy pgdtng sa provincial ska baka iba na lecturers? What do you think? Reply in my email. Thankyou 🙂

  4. Dianne Peña Says:

    @hannah- I think some of the best reviewers in Gapuz Manila branch is being assigned/rotated to other branch also. Sir Ray Gapuz himself also conducts Final coaching in other branches not just in manila. However, if you review in manila, most of the nursing review centers are here so you have many choices.

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