Things you can do at home to help during a national disaster

September 28th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

I am very thankful that my family is safe and sound here in the comfort of our home. Nothing bad happened except for our busted internet connection (that’s nothing compared to what happened to our fellow Filipinos) so I have thought of this 5 things that I believe in our own little way can help:

5. Be Aware. Turn on your television sets, radios, and internet for news. If there’s any “important” information that you can share please do spread the news. Awareness can also decrease a person’s anxiety level.

4. Look through your closet. Sort the things that you can donate to the people affected by the disaster. Send it to the nearest relief center e.g school, parish church, establishments, etc.

3. Be Sensitive. If you don’t have anything good to comment/say or post in your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, MySpace account and whatnot please, DO SHUT UP. In the same manner, please exercise your PATIENCE. Just think of the people who are outside fighting for their lives and think of yours— safe, sound and comfortable.

2. Don’t clog the network. Don’t send group messages/chain texts that are unnecessary are obviously just rumors. Just because you don’t have anything to do or you just want to use up your unlimited text. It affects the rescue system the government and other agencies are conducting. Communication is important so please. (This pisses me off. Really!)

1. Pray. I don’t need to elaborate on this but if all else fails, HE IS OUR ONLY REFUGE. Let us pray that our country can surpass this disaster. For those who are still on their roofs and have nothing to eat or drink, for those who are safe in their homes, for the rescue team, the government and other agencies… send them your holy spirit and give them strength in this catastrophic moment. AMEN.

This are just few, simple, little things we can do to help. If we start doing this by ourselves, we can make it easier for the people who are really IN there, IN that situation whether they are the victims or rescuers.

Ondoy is an eye-opener for us all. It is an instrument by God not to punish or make us suffer but to make and draw ourselves closer to him. Let us not be mad, let us not question why instead, let us unite as one nation so that we can all make it through this state of calamity.

I personally, have done all of the above since I can’t go out and I am here at home safe and sound. I am thinking of volunteering for tomorrow,so let’s see. How about you? What will you do to help?

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