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Dress Code for November 2009 Nursing Board Examination Takers

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Attention November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination takers!!!

According to PRC-Board of Nursing, there is a new Board Resolution regarding dress code during the actual board exam.

For Male and Female Examinees:
Clinical uniform with white shoes and white socks
No nameplate, school insignia/logo, and pin
School Uniform.

For Pregnant Examinees:
White clinical scrub suit

For Repeaters:
May wear white clinical scrub suit.

Failure to comply with the new dress code for November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination will not be allowed to take the exam.



Dare to be Fit ‘n Right Fun Run 2009 | 4- Minute F.I.T Workout

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Everybody wants to be fit, healthy and sexy. For most, it’s a known fact that beauty is measured by your weight. As cliché as it may sound, it’s really “THIN IS IN” but less do people know that its not always the case. Most of us are weight conscious but we don’t do anything about it (or at times only get depressed by it).

About 4 months ago, my life as a bummer started after I have passed the Nursing Licensure Exam. My life is so sedentary that I recently noticed that my clothes especially my shorts and parts were not in its perfect fit on my body or waist shall I say. One indication that I am gaining weight. I mean, I am eating the same but I am being less active and less productive. I had breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and midnight snack for 1 day (yeah, LARGE frequent feedings. LOL),we always have “Fastfood Friday” in our home and a night out with friends that all we do is to drink, laugh, sing and dance a little. So most probably, I deserve the weight and the figure I have now.


The remedy for the aforementioned dilemma is not a work-out, exercise and diet  (yes, I got time but got no one to do it with plus, enrolling to a gym needs $$$ , which apparently, I dont have. Poor me LOL) but a deceiving clothes and picture pose and angles trick. I wear clothes that are mostly layered, which can cover-up the “flabs” and make wacky poses when there’s picture taking. What a remedy right? Hmmm…


Last October 23, 2009, Del Monte Fit ‘n Right launched its newest campaign Dare to be Fit ‘N Right in Taste Asia at the SM Mall of Asia. The Dare to be Fit ‘N Right launch featured the revolutionary F.I.T workout by sports scientist and Master Coach Jim Saret. Coach Saret.


If burning calories is difficult, gaining them is as easy as putting on a pair of shoes—the combination of a fastfood sandwich, large fries, a cup of ice cream and a large glass of soda is equal to 2,300 calories.

The F.I.T Workout or the Fast Interval Training is a four-minute workout that makes you burn at least 400 calories and continues to burn even when you’re done with the workout! Plus, you don’t have to be a gym buff to enjoy the workout. It doesn’t require much space and equipment. It’s scientific, very visual, designed for non-athletes, with measurable results and it’s easy!


And, if you partner your F.I.T workout with your Fit ‘n Right fruit juice drink, you’ll see faster results for Del Monte Fit ‘N Right contains the breakthrough L-Carnitine that helps burn fat and B Vitamis 1, 6, 12 that help speed up metabolism.


I think most of us complains of gaining weight easy but loosing weight the heaviest task on earth but with that great information above, We (bummers who are sedentary) have HOPE indeed. LOL! With that, I planned to cut down my meals, try out this 4-minute miracle work-out and of course drink Del Monte Fit ‘n Right (I love Fit ‘n Right Four Seasons flavor–Mum gets pissed when we she discovered we consumed her Fit ‘n Right)

But, the F.I.T. Workout is only the beginning. Running is arguably the popular sport these days. Del Monte Fit ‘N Right continues its commitment in promoting a healthy lifestyle with the Dare to be Fit ‘n Right culmination fun run on November 22 in SM Mall of Asia. Official race call time is at 4 AM and Gun Start is 6AMin front of SM MOA Music Hall.

Fun Run

The 3K/5K/10K Men and Women Open will benefit the victims of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng, among others, through the SM Foundation.

For a registration fee of P300, runners can get their race packet with the Dare to Fit ‘n Right Fun Run singlet, race bib, Fit ‘N Right products, etc. Interested participants can register at the following areas:

  • CEMG Office – Unit 3A Vernida I Bldg., Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City/ Look for Marianne Tapales (892.5842/09155498282)
  • Dare to be Fit ‘n Right booths in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig and in selected SM Hypermarkets: Mall of Asia, Sucat, Pasig, and North EDSA
  • Fitness First branches on November 16, 2009.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place runners from each division will win P10, 000, P5, 000 and P3, 000, respectively. All registered runners will also automatically qualify for the raffle, where they can win a Lenovo laptop.

Registration period is from October 21 to November 16, 2009. Late registrants will be charged additional P100.

Since, I haven’t attended any run for a cause event, my friends and I plans to join this cause because not only we can help but also we can loose those tremendous calories/fats stuck in our bellies. LOL! So see you on the race?:))

Look out for event posters and flyers or visit the Fit ‘n Right Facebook page

The Dare to be Fit ‘n Right is co-presented by SM.


Dare to be fit and right with Del Monte Fit ‘N Right!

The Share Revolution: New Marketing Strategies in Building Brand Communities

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Since the marketing profession has significantly evolved over the past three years and as the population increased their time spent on the internet, the Institute of Transformative Marketing Communications brings you THE SHARE REVOLUTION: New Marketing Strategies in Building Brand Communities.


It is a seminar/workshop on how to tap the power of community, dialogue and partnership from the insights and key learnings of six (6) speakers representing well-loved brands who have effectively integrated social marketing strategies into their marketing mix. This event is in line with the culmination of the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards.

Discover how new communication techniques can optimize your promotions with a simple concept called sharing. The event will also talk about insights from some of our session share-experts on the following topics:

  • BIGGER THAN YOURSELF: Energizing Brand Advocates through Social Relevance (GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc.)
  • THE DNA OF VIRAL MARKETING: Inspiring Customer Engagement at the Heart of the Online Community (Krispy Kreme)
  • THE COMMERCIAL YOU CAN TALK TO: Making your Advertising Come Alive through Digital Word-of-Mouth (Bayan Telecommunications)
  • GETTING YOURSELF 2.0 READY: Jumpstarting new experiences in a participation economy (Globe Telecom).

The Share Revolution will be held at the Hampton Room, 2/F Astoria Plaza. Registration opens at 8am and session promptly starts at 8:30am.

This initiative is through the partnership of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications and the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Board.

Take part in the New Marketing Revolution! Book your seats through or please contact Avery or Meg at (02) 490-5155 or 489-9248 for reservation and inquiries.

Doña Elena Cuisinera Club First Celebrity Cooking Face-Off Challenge

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Cooking is one chore that a woman needs to know and know how. Well, unfortunately for me, I only mastered cooking Pancit Canton (yeah, really! Ask my family about it. Haha).

I am guilty, Guilty of just LOVING EATING. 😀 (Well, who doesn’t right?)

Last October 24, 2009, Doña Elena Cuisinera Club sponsored the first Celebrity Cook –off Challenge held at Annabel’s Restaurant at T. Morato Quezon City. Some bloggers, other media, chefs, and Cuisinera Club loyal members were ale to witness the said event filled with new knowledge and excitement.


The competition was between two teams composed of 1 chef adviser, 2 cuisinera club members, 1 member from the media and 1 celebrity guest. The 2 teams battled in preparing a nutritious and delicious dish/meal using the new Doña Elena Pure Olive oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as other Doña Elena products.


The celebrity quests were Gladys Reyes and Bernadette Allison. Ms. Bernadette Allison’s team won the contest.


Since Doña Elena advocates the use of Olive Oil, I would like to give some “nice-to-know” facts about Olive Oil:

  • Pure Olive oil is used for frying or when it involves heating
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best used for fresh food preparation example are salads
  • Organic olive oil is also filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that may protect you against illnesses.
  • Protect You from Heart Disease
  • Promote Healthy Digestion
  • Balance the Fatty Acids in Your Body
  • You can re-use the Olive Oil as long as you use it for the same ingredient meaning (fish with fish, chicken with chicken) and with proper storage.


Cuisinera Club aim to encourage and teach cuisineras easy ways on achieving a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition, which can be achieved by using olive oil in their daily cooking. Be member! You can also visit their Facebook account.

Well as for my cooking, GOOD LUCK TO THAT. Hahaha:D

Nursing Board Exam Tips 06: On Pencil…

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Pencil is one of the most important thing you need to consider in passing the Nursing Board Exam with that, I give you these tips:

Number 2 pencil doesn’t necessarily mean its MONGOL. I mean, Mongol is pretty much overrated already. Choose any #2 pencil that you are comfortable with. I personally used #2 green Faber Castel pencil during the actual board exam and #2 black Stabilo during our Nursing Audit.


Never use a new pencil during the actual board. Use a pencil in which you are used to using already. Any brand of pencil will do as long as it is #2. New pencil can affect your shading. Jut sharpen the pencil you have practiced your shading skills with during the board exam. Shading/Technicalities are some of the controversial issues in the board exam.

Use an eraser with the same brand as your pencil. If you are using Faber Castel, use a Faber Castel eraser, Stabilo pencil and Stabilo eraser, Mongol pencil and WHAT??? Well, that is the problem with Mongol. They have no separate eraser, yeah it has an eraser at the tip but it leaves an orange/rd mark to your answer sheet. Plus, it doesn’t erase the pencil mark completely. Don’t be thrifty with the things you use for the Nursing Licensure Exam because its much better to spend than to repeat.


Beware of fake pencils. Make sure you buy your things in a bookstore not just in any vendors. I am pretty much sure that Mongol pencils have imitations an I’ve bought 1. When I used it without even doing any erasures, 7 points have deducted in my score during the review. It’s quite big right? So don’t risk it.


Take care of your answer sheet. Don’t leave any marks on the answer sheet and as much as possible, don’t make any erasures. Answer 1st in your questionnaires. It is not prohibited. When you shade, make sure you are in the right number. Many have troubles when transferring their answers when they have overlooked one number.

Bonus tip: They say bring extra pencil, I say, Bring an extra but use only 1 pencil throughout the whole board exam, just sharpen every time so that your way of shading would still be the same.

Disclaimer: I am not against Mongol. I just had the luxury to experiment with the pencil that I am going to use for the Nursing Licensure Exam because we had multiple exams in our review center provided with pseudo-Nursing Licensure Exam answer sheets that is why I know the difference.

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