10 Things LittleNars (Dianne) is THANKFUL OF…

October 14th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Since July 2009 (yes, after I passed the NLE), I’ve been meaning to make a blog post on the people, event, things that made me thankful for my life…I don’t know why I am finding it hard to write it. Anyway, In coordination with the National Thank You Day to be celebrated on October 20, 2009. Here is mine (trying my best).

10 Things LittleNars (Dianne) is THANKFUL OF..:

10. Destructors/Temptations/Pains
Well, Let’s say, you are one hell of a motivator for me. Enough said.

9. Little Angels
This goes to the random people who made my everyday as less stress and worry as possible. The person who washes and irons my uniforms and clothes, the jeepney driver who brought me safely to my destination, the owner of the canteen in which I ate frequently, the security guard for assisting me whenever I ask for directions etc., the person who offered me his seat at the LRT, my anonymous crush during the review (yeah, I didn’t got the chance to know his name. LOL), to those person who send text messages that made me smile and many more…

8. Technology
I never would have survived the stress and pressure that my academics and review proper brought me without the help of technology. Particularly the world wide web (blogging), which help me unload the most unbearable things, the TV series that I diligently follow and the music, which boost up my mood during travelling, sleeping and free time…

7. SMACC (St. Mary’s Academy of Caloocan City)
My High School Alma Mater, which helped me develop my comprehension and analytical skills. It reaaaally helped me a lot and I think, this has a big percentage that made me pass the 4 toxic years of BS in Nursing and most especially the Nursing Licensure Exam.

6. R.A GAPUZ Review Center
My Nursing Review Center (my mum’s choice though). Thank you for polishing my knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude as I take the Nursing Board Exam. Thank You for the tips and strategies you’ve given me. I also found new friends and made my stay there worthwhile.

5. Far Eastern University
My College Alma Mater, My training ground, my home. To the school, the administrators, the coordinators and my professors/clinical instructors… Thank you for teaching and leading me to the field that I have chosen— Nursing. Thank You for providing me the things that I need to be the great nurse that I envision it to be.

4. My Friends
Yes, all of you from my acquaintances to closest ones. I know were going through the same phase (well for most of my friends), thank you for the support, pep talk, prayers, both happy and toxic moments, review sessions, tips, motivation, advices… I share my success with you guys. I learned a lot from you (seriously LOL).

3. My Family and Relatives
Thank You for the support and the PRAYERS. Thank you for understanding during the times I am not present in family affairs, for being so proud of me when I passed the board and for still praying for me now to have a JOB. Just Kidding. THANK YOU!

2. My MUM (She likes it that way. :])
Here comes the “EMO slash CHEESY” part…
Be ready in 3… 2…. 1….

If everyone above isn’t around, I would survive as long as you are around. Thank You for being such a good provider— (you name it she provides it) for us. Thank You for the support, understanding (late-sleepless nights, tons of overnights, “gastos”), “lecture/discussion sessions”, tips, prayers, encouragement, love and inspiration.

Click  here to read more in this particular number (I needed to separate this post. SORRY for the inconvenience).

10. GOD through the help of St. Jude Thaddeus
(I go to St. Jude Church at Mendiola every Thursday for Novena…)

How can I thank you enough? If this blog entry is a tree, you are definitely its roots. You are the beginning of everything that I am now. You gave me the gift of life. You listened to every prayer (or special intention) that I say. You not only listened but you granted it all. You never failed me God. I can never thank you enough. This may sound like a cliché but I reaaally mean it. You are the greatest. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.



Did I strain your eyes?
 Please try to blink.
Thank You Sooo Much for reading my thank you speech.. 🙂 
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  3. lyle,RN Says:

    hi, i find your link interesting,ur from feu im pretty sure,hope you could invite me in facebook,btw im lyle from feu-in batch 2007,^^ add me up lylefeu68@yahoo.com
    di nmn obvious n tga feu ako kasi yung email ko eh nandun name ng school ntin,^^ hehe,btw God speed, and make a greener pasture,redeem FEU! bring back the glory days for FEU! ^^ God bless.

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