Nursing Board Exam Tips 04: On questions…

October 19th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Since critical phase in a Nursing Licensure Exam review program is approaching, I might as well give you “some” tips regarding test-taking strategies.

Here are some FACTOIDS:
Fact Number 1: Some questions in the board exam are easy but have complicated choices
Fact Number 2: Some questions are so long that you get lazy in reading it but have the shortest options
Fact number 3: Sometimes, the second best answer is the correct answer because the “true” best answer (the one they taught us in schools and review centers) is not given as a choice
Fact number 4: Some of the questions are out of nowhere. Which surprises you and makes you peevish. (true for me!)
Fact number 5: Most of the questions needs analysis and in-dept comprehension. When I say comprehension, it also goes with “Common Sense”. Memorization is just of a little priority.

Read the ENTIRE question. The most basic rule in test taking. Read each word/phrase carefully. Before looking through the options, do a quick think on what is the correct answer. You can translate the question to Filipino or to any other language you are most comfortable with to better understand the question.

Be aware of the time. Your watch has a purpose (to wear it and to tell you the time). Take note of the time you started and the tie you should finish. In the actual board exam, you will be given 2 hours to answer 100 items, so you have roughly 1.2 minutes in answering each item. Have a habit of approximating the time for each number. Skip the difficult questions. Don’t consume all your time (and neurons) in one item only.

Don’t Overanalyze. Avoid asking yourself “Well… What if…” or in Filipino “Ehhh… Paano kung ganito, Paano kung ganyan…”. Read Read the question as is. Don’t add anything to the story/situation. Answer the question with an answer and not with another question, also goes with this tip.

Don’t be afraid to mess up your questionnaire. Underline keywords and phrases essential in arriving to the correct answer. You can even encircle, box cross or whichever you like —not only the questions but also the options. It helps you focus as to what is being asked.

Answer per situation (and not by each item). In the board exam, it is a given fact that you’ll answer situational questions. Fact number 5 is the key to answering this type of question. Seems pretty hard right? BUT there’s a trick for this… The questions are most probably interrelated which means that the answer for a particular question can be found or is stated on the next question. So if you’re stuck up with a particular number, just read through the next. Answer in bundles to avoid mistakes and even erasures.

Stay tuned for more for the tips about the power of Elimination.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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