Doña Elena Cuisinera Club First Celebrity Cooking Face-Off Challenge

October 25th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Cooking is one chore that a woman needs to know and know how. Well, unfortunately for me, I only mastered cooking Pancit Canton (yeah, really! Ask my family about it. Haha).

I am guilty, Guilty of just LOVING EATING. 😀 (Well, who doesn’t right?)

Last October 24, 2009, Doña Elena Cuisinera Club sponsored the first Celebrity Cook –off Challenge held at Annabel’s Restaurant at T. Morato Quezon City. Some bloggers, other media, chefs, and Cuisinera Club loyal members were ale to witness the said event filled with new knowledge and excitement.


The competition was between two teams composed of 1 chef adviser, 2 cuisinera club members, 1 member from the media and 1 celebrity guest. The 2 teams battled in preparing a nutritious and delicious dish/meal using the new Doña Elena Pure Olive oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil as well as other Doña Elena products.


The celebrity quests were Gladys Reyes and Bernadette Allison. Ms. Bernadette Allison’s team won the contest.


Since Doña Elena advocates the use of Olive Oil, I would like to give some “nice-to-know” facts about Olive Oil:

  • Pure Olive oil is used for frying or when it involves heating
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best used for fresh food preparation example are salads
  • Organic olive oil is also filled with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients that may protect you against illnesses.
  • Protect You from Heart Disease
  • Promote Healthy Digestion
  • Balance the Fatty Acids in Your Body
  • You can re-use the Olive Oil as long as you use it for the same ingredient meaning (fish with fish, chicken with chicken) and with proper storage.


Cuisinera Club aim to encourage and teach cuisineras easy ways on achieving a healthier lifestyle through better nutrition, which can be achieved by using olive oil in their daily cooking. Be member! You can also visit their Facebook account.

Well as for my cooking, GOOD LUCK TO THAT. Hahaha:D

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    Wow, looks really yummy! 🙂

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