What to do the day before the Nursing Licensure Examination?

November 28th, 2009 by Dianne Peña

Got not enough sleep because of last night and today but I don’t care beasue I just want to share my “LittleNars” way on this one.. ?
Now, What to do the day before the Nursing Licensure Examination?
1. Prepare the things that you will need for tomorrow. Here are the “What to bring during the Nursing Board Exam”:

  • Notice of Admission (NOA)
  • Long Plastic Envelope
  • Long Brown Envelope
  • PRC Mailing Envelope
  • At least 2 Number 2 Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Black Ballpen (not sign pen)
  • Calculator
  • Snacks/Water/Candy

You can bring a bag but you have to place it outside the room at your own risk.

Set your alarm clock. Make sure your allowance of time can accommodate your morning preparations, eating breakfast and travel time. You need to be at your room assignment 30 minutes before the time. You should be at the venue at 7:00AM or even earlier (much better) because you still need to fill up some details for answer sheet and the test starts at 8:00AM

Bring/Wear your lucky charm, security blanket or whatever “Anting-Anting” you have there. Its not prohibited as long as it doesn’t contain the answers. Haha!

Don’t forget to wear your wristwatch and synchronize it with your proctor at least for the duration of the exam.

2. Relax! Do whatever stress management thing you know of and comfortable of doing. I know your anxiety levels are way higher than day one of your review, its normal. Now is the right time to open your Facebook accounts and enjoy their games. LOL. Do whatever makes you feel relieved as long as it’s not committing suicide. LOL.

3. As much as possible don’t review anymore unless it is very important and crucial to passing this examination. I mean, don’t over use your neurons. It needs a lot of resting and rejuvenating to be able to function at its maximum for tomorrow.

4. Rest! Come on. Look at yourself. You look like a vampire-wolf all stitched into one. JK. From the stress of your review and all the pressure from family and friends, you deserve at least 5-8 hours of sleep before the big day.

5. PRAY! Nothing is more powerful that prayers. Surrender everything to Him and ask Him to send his Holy Spirit to guide you as you rake the exam. If you claim it, It will be yours. ?

Good Luck! It’s all in your hands now! You can do it! God Bless RNs 🙂

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  2. angie Says:

    well, this will help… thanks! i will certainly do this… 🙂 hope it will bring me on top 🙂 or at least this will bring me to my PRC RN LICENSE 🙂 God bless! thanks! :))

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