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95,282 Examinees for the November 29-30, 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

MANILA, Philippines—A total of 95,282 nursing graduates will take the nurse licensure examinations scheduled on November 29 to 30, an “all-time high” in the history of the exams, said Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas, a member of the Professional Regulation Commission’s Board of Nursing.

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Whoa! That is a record we have there. I have lots of friends who will take the November 2009 Nursing Board Exam and with this number of examinees; I think they will get out of it alive. LOL! (I believe in you Friends, GO GO GO!)  For me, If there are a many examinees, I think there will be of great chance that many will also pass because they are getting the “Mean” or the average of scores per Nursing Practice as well as for the general average.

I know this may sound mean and selfish of me but I did prayed when I was one of the examinees, that the score of highest will not be that high and the score of the lowest will be so low so that there is a great chance that your score can get to the average— it will not pull you down, instead it will pull you up. I am not saying that you should pray for it, I mean, come on, I know there are most of you who can relate to what I am talking about.

On the downfall, if there will be a lot of examinees, MAYBE, just maybe, the Board of Nursing will make the board exam hard for the examinees to control the number of “New” Nurses but I hope not.

Anyway, whatever happens, its you who can determine if you’re going to pass or not— its with your own assessment. Think of your performance in your review classes or review time or even during your student years… Whether the test will be hard, or you have many competitors. The results will surely surprise you but that is why there is what we call, the power of PRAYERS.

Good Luck and God Bless.

Don’t worry, I am praying for you, yes… YOU! :))

7-Eleven’s Big Bite Match Finals Winner– First Filipino Gurgitator

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

7-Eleven hosted its 1st Big Bite Challenge, one of the biggest and widest gastronomic competition ever assembled in Southeast Asia last November 14, Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. 7-Eleven is celebrating its 25th year of being the largest convenience store chain in the Philippines.


The 25 top finalists selected simultaneously started their gastrointestinal engines and battled it out, where the champion gurgitator brings home P500,000 in cash.


The finalist who has eaten the most Hotdog Sandwich in 10 minutes without spills and vomit.will gain the title of the “First Filipino Gurgitator”.


I was there, I saw them gobble to 50 pieces of Hotdog Sandwich served with I think 10 Big Gulp drinks. A lot of intensity and pressure from the crowd, after the time was up, the tedious counting… then there was the First Filipino Gurgitator.

Leopoldo “ Black Hole “Quinto, Jr. of Baclaran won by eating 13 hotdogs in a span of 10 minutes


Second runner up- was Kyle “The Beast” de Guzman, a nursing student from the University of Pangasinan, took the150,000 pesos prize.

I would never dare to do that. Even if I have a bulging stomach, I think, it cant bear digesting a lot of Hotdog sandwich in 10 minutes. Haha! P500, 000 just by eating… That’s a WOW!

Congratulations to the Winners!

Visit for more information.

For inquiries about franchising, please contact the Customer Hotline at 724-10-31 or the Mobile Hotline at 0920-945-2036

Nutrilite celebrates 75 years with new products

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


Nutrilite, the world pioneer in vitamin and mineral supplements celebrates its 75th Anniversary. In celebration of their success they bring out their new products:


Rhodiola (an herb supplement to boost energy and mental alertness), a natural supplement designed to combat stress and improve performance. A tablet perfect for both men and women on the go, this organic supplement’s main ingredient is rhodiola, an Arctic herb used as an all-purpose tonic since the ancient times.


Strive+ (a rehydration drink) is for those who engage themselves in extreme physical activity. Blending carbohydrates, electrolytes and 100mg of Red Orange Complex (which contains recuperative and rejuvenative properties), Strive+ helps your body protect itself from physical activity, the natural way. Just open a pack of Strive+, mix with water, and you’ve got an isotonic drink that not only rehydrates and energizes your body, but helps it recover from muscle fatigue as well.


FitH2O a drink which hydrates and nourishes the body for light activity to combat stress and fatigue. A low-calorie, low carbohydrate mix FitH2O contains powerful antioxidants, Niacin, B6, Pantothenic Acid, B12, C and E vitamins to help fight free radicals. One FitH2O stick added to 500mL of water gives you a healthy dose of anti-oxidants to keep you and your body fatigue-free.

Fitness Nutrition

These products are made from natural, whole plant concentrates and combine the best of nature with the best of science to provide you with the fastest way to jumpstart your path toward optimal health plus of course, the proper diet and exercise and you’re good to live your long, fulfilling life.

Nutrilite has emerged from a young, start-up company to become the biggest leader in vitamin and nutrition supplements in the world. The event happened last November 12, 2009 at SM Mall Of Asia Music Hall. There were photo exhibit of Nutrilite athletes, such as champion bowler Paeng Nepomuceno and FIFA World player Ronaldinho, line one part of the venue to serve as inspirations for all of us. Guests are also given the opportunity to experience the Nutrilite way of living, via free bone density, cholesterol and BMI (Body Mass Index) check-ups as well as nutrition consultations.


Nutrilite is the only global vitamin and mineral brand in the world that delivers high-quality products that are environmentally friendly and produced in its own certified organic farm, from seed to serve. All Nutrilite products are deeply anchored in scientific development and research, with over 100 scientists, researches and educators behind its development—comprising the biggest scientific staff in the industry.

It’s never too late to start the road to health. Jumpstart your path towards living your best–Nutrilite gets you on gear.

Nutrilite is the world’s leading brand of vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements with $3 billion in sales in 2007. For 75 years, Nutrilite is grounded on the most advanced research and technology and is exclusively distributed locally by Amway Philippines. For product inquiries or to be an Independent Business Owner, please call 814-8181.

Manny Pacquiao VS Miguel Cotto: Victory Speech

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Every “Pacquiao” Day… Well, Pacquiao Fight day, My Mum and I will take advantage of the situation since everyone’s in their homes (or somewhere else) watching the fight. We would go to Divisoria or elsewhere to shop —but not today. I don’t know why. Anyway, here are some of the thoughts I have learned today:

  • Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao became a trending topic on Twitter both for Manny Pacquiao and Pacman
  • Just use “Pacman” instead when referring to Manny Pacquiao to avoid error. (Pacquiao is often misspelled) LOL
  • Listening to live radio stream and reading tweet updates is also fun (No commercial/Ads)
  • Manny Pacquiao is the first fighter to win seven world titles in as many weight classes (HISTORY again for FILIPINOS)
  • Pacquiao had an ear injury prior to his fight today. Used Tuba-Tuba to manage it. But he’s OK now — got it from the radio news
  • When you had the chance, PROMOTE 😀
  • When you want to escape, DANCE 😀

I am not a boxing fanatic, nor am a fan of Manny Pacquiao but I always see to it that I watch Manny’s victory speech/interview after. I even recorded it. Watch this:

Congratulations to Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao for winning! (WBO Welterweight Champion)
Another Pride and Glory for the Philippines
Kudos! 😀

I loved Miguel Cotto’s Tattoos 😀

Reality Wedding Video in the Philippines by Buddy Gancenia

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Weddings have always been a tuning point in one’s life, which is why we want to savor and capture as much moment as we want to remember— from preparations, finishing touches the day before the wedding, walking down the aisle, the moment you say I do, to the kissing scene and the reception.

As we breakthrough the contemporary era today, Weddings also have its own innovations and styles. From the creative motif, program to artistic souvenirs, we want our loved ones and guests to make the most pivotal part of our lives—the Wedding day to be worth remembering.

As we think of ways to do so and since reality TV shows are on the spotlight nowadays, why not make your own wedding day your own “reality TV show”. It is a known fact that we are fond of documenting the highlights of our lives and we event hire people to do it for us.

Reality Wedding Video by Buddy Gancenia (wedding videographer in the Philippines), is the first and only Documentary-Reality Wedding Video producers in the Philippines’ – and in the world.

Picture 3

There are so many wedding videographers out there that you can hire for the same rates but offers you the same old, traditional “wedding videos”.

Make your wedding video in the Philippines a distinctive presentation and a professional feel, much like a TV reality show that is beyond the traditional music video-style production. There is no content sacrificed. Interviews, behind-the-scenes footages, and unexpected occurrences are put as part of the story. It’s as real as it gets.

The videos for wedding that they produce are highly personal and unique. No two Reality Wedding Videos are alike. You might want to watch this sample video and see that I am not bluffing.

Interested now? Check out their rates and services here.

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