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Top 10 highest ratings|November 2009 Nursing Board Exam

Sunday, January 31st, 2010


For the full list of names click here.

November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination Result

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

A total of 37, 527 out of 94,462 nursing graduates passed the November 2009 licensure examination

See full article here.

November 2009 Nursing Licensure Examination Results


Goodbye OB ward, Hello Adult ward…

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Today marked the last day of my exposure to OB Ward. I will surely miss the staff nurses/volunteer nurses there. I learned a lot through them. I was able to handle patients with confidence (though, need more confidence still hihi). Too bad, we just had our duty for approximately 2 weeks. Just when I was getting to love everything about the ward, we were rotated to another. Or may I say… just when the ward increased its census, we were rotated to another. 😛

You will never forget your first exposure because it is your home—where you started. I will definitely DEFINITELY miss them.

This February, I am assigned to Adult Ward. New staff nurses/volunteer nurses and patients to deal with, new environment, new routine, new learning and experience. I hope they would also be nice to us. Also, new duty mates (Yes, I will miss the company of Dennis and Ibay— Wala na akong kasabay umuwi…:\).

So help me God :]

Hello Adult ward :]

The case presentation of our group was OK. Good thing we were the first to present because the other groups from other wards (Adult and Pedia) were really good. Their cases were really complex. LOL! We presented about Ectopic pregnancy since we handled OB cases.

I am now a believer of the theory “Use and Disuse”

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

CAUTION: This is an “EMO” post

No, Not really an “emo” = sad post… Well, more of sentiments…

What I am feeling now?

My brain is rusty. It’s declining (as well as this blog). My neurons are becoming stagnant.

I forgot a lot of Nursing stuff that I learned during my undergrad years (especially during my review days) and I seriously want to enrol myself in another review session. I mean, if you would ask me anything now, I will definitely answer “Sh*t! Alam ko yan dati eh. Nakalimutan ko na…” It’s depressing right?

When I was still studying, if you would ask me something about nursing, I would instantly answer back even when I am asleep. Seriously.

I am now a believer of the theory of “Use and Disuse”. Ooopsss. Let me get that clear. If you don’t use that particular knowledge, you forget about it. You might think that “If you don’t use your brain, it will shrink until it disappears…” well, partly. JK.

At some point, that made me feel less of myself. I should know that. I must not forget that. Confidence level diminished again.

I want to study Nursing again and most especially, I want to gain a lot of experience. I want to hone my skills. I want to be a professional “professional”. I want to learn. I want to lessen my mistakes in the area. I want to be confident. I don’t want to experience the tremors and the palpitations anymore but I know, I will be able to do that in time. I am still a novice. I hope to gain more experience and learning spontaneously (‘cause trainings will end—meaning to be a staff nurse sooner or later, for now) as I live through this career.

Ok. Enough now. Thank you for letting me waste your time. 😛

OLX: Classified Ads in One Click

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Now that the world has turned modern and progressive, every thing seems to be in its fast track and beyond your reach. People keep on inventing stuff to make life easier for us. I mean, the word “instant”, “fast”, “automatic”, “do-it-yourself”, “virtual”, “digital” are the most common terms nowadays. Just look around and you will see.

Humans experienced technology at its best during Internet’s breakthrough. We can access everything in just one click. In contrast to the old times, wherein you really have to be physically there to actually know about what you want to know about.

The wonders of Internet have brought to us OLX. It is an online portal where you can buy and sell cars, gadgets and other stuff, canvass for prices, shop, look for a job, advertise and more in the Philippines and abroad. If you are into online shopping, wants to purchase items that are rare to find, into bargains, wants to find tickets for leisure and entertainment, wants to advertise your business, into real estate… OLX is a perfect website for you.

This website is very advantageous for people applying /looking for a job because OLX contains a vast Classified Ads depending on your needs. The great thing about it is that, you can post your own advertisement and even advertise yourself for free!

I actually had fun browsing and reading different ad placements in the Health Care section since I belong to the “unemployed nurse” status though I am currently studying after I graduated college. I was hoping to look for a vacancy as a nurse but to my dismay, I just found faces looking for the same thing.

Oh well, on the bright side, you can actually save money by just exploring OLX because instead of going to the busy offices in Makati and fight for jobs in Quezon City you just have to sit back, connect to the web and do some clicking. What an awesome relief right?

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