Goodbye OB ward, Hello Adult ward…

January 31st, 2010 by Dianne Peña

Today marked the last day of my exposure to OB Ward. I will surely miss the staff nurses/volunteer nurses there. I learned a lot through them. I was able to handle patients with confidence (though, need more confidence still hihi). Too bad, we just had our duty for approximately 2 weeks. Just when I was getting to love everything about the ward, we were rotated to another. Or may I say… just when the ward increased its census, we were rotated to another. 😛

You will never forget your first exposure because it is your home—where you started. I will definitely DEFINITELY miss them.

This February, I am assigned to Adult Ward. New staff nurses/volunteer nurses and patients to deal with, new environment, new routine, new learning and experience. I hope they would also be nice to us. Also, new duty mates (Yes, I will miss the company of Dennis and Ibay— Wala na akong kasabay umuwi…:\).

So help me God :]

Hello Adult ward :]

The case presentation of our group was OK. Good thing we were the first to present because the other groups from other wards (Adult and Pedia) were really good. Their cases were really complex. LOL! We presented about Ectopic pregnancy since we handled OB cases.

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2 Responses to “Goodbye OB ward, Hello Adult ward…”

  1. Nica Perez Says:

    hi… you are a nurse tainee too at FDMMC? cool. =)

    I’m a trainee too… assigned in special area (OR, 3rd floor)
    I belong to Batch 8 (general ward pa ko nun) and Batch 9 (at OR).

    hope to see yah around, Diane! Tamaraw RN din ako.. 2009 batch din. hehe. =)

    the adult staff nurses and volunteers are really helpful and kind, too! That was my first home in Fe del Mundo…. =)

    take care and happy learning!!!

  2. Dianne Peña Says:

    actually, i think i saw you last time. hehe. Thanks! good luck sa OR 🙂

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