Reaction Paper on “Goodbye Mr. Chips”

February 10th, 2010 by Dianne Peña

Honestly, at first when we were asked to watch this 1939 movie, I was like “its boring… black and white and never mind…” I actually had difficulty in finding an active downloadable file due to movie age. Watching through this film proved the above statement wrong.

The story line was simple, talked about a life of an elderly classics teacher, Mr. Chippings, looks back over his lengthy teaching tenure as his in his twilight years. The movie, Goodbye Mr. Chips provided a comprehensive look at one teacher’s life and love — from the disciplining of his students to the chance meeting of the love of his life on a mountaintop.

If I had to quote one line from this movie that I could ponder my reflection about t is this:

Chips: I do believe you’ve really meant it, too…Well, that I might be headmaster one of these days.
Katherine: My darling, you’re a very sweet person and a very human person and a very modest person. You have all sorts of unexpected gifts and qualities, so unexpected that you keep surprising even me with them. Never be afraid, Chips, that you can’t do anything you’ve made up your mind to. As long as you believe in yourself, you can go as far as you dream. Certainly you’ll be headmaster, if you want to.

After watching this movie, I realized that if you really wanted something great to happen in your life, you would achieve it as long as you put your every thing to it— time, effort, dedication, compassion and more. Having a dream and making a goal is one of the rare things that are free in this life and with that, we should DREAM BIG. We should not settle for some petty dreams because when you have achieved it, you will just stay in that state until you realize that you still wanted more than that but you don’t have anytime to pursue it.

Another point in the movie is, every one is entitled for improvement. Criticisms are both positive and negative depending on the way you look at it. Positive, when you make it as your inspiration to do more than is expected you to be and negative, when you let it into your system and hindered the realization of your dreams. There is always a chance to change and improvement is good not only for your self but also for the people around you.

Offering one’s life to service is one of the greatest things to do in this world. You can touch many people from generations to generations. Not all people will sacrifice their life just for the sake of the many. It is very heroic and courageous to do. Everyone wants to be remembered after they have gone to the after life and for sure, people who helped in their own little ways in his life deserved to be remembered just like Mr. Chips.

Being a teacher is a tough job because you need to deal with a lot of personalities. You need to be patient, you need to possess authority and most especially you need to be flexible as to the modern times today to be able to reach out to more people. Nevertheless, being a teacher allows you to have extended family because your students will become your children that would really touch your life and will make your life extremely meaningful.

It was indeed a heartwarming film about a teacher and his students. I also remembered the movie, The Dead Poets Society in this film. Goodbye, Mr. Chips may seem dated today to those who demand non-stop action, but as a leisurely paced character study, it still can hold its own.


This is one of my reaction paper for my Teaching Profession subject. Just in case you need it. Hehe 😀

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5 Responses to “Reaction Paper on “Goodbye Mr. Chips””

  1. abel Says:

    Hi Pena, Im bored today thats why na reach ko tong site mo.hehe!actually, after i hv red your reflection, seems like im really interested to watch this movie. Siguro yan ang kailangn kooo para mgcontinue sa field of teaching! haha.(pangmotivate!) wel seriously, natatamad n cgro ako after sa toxic na araw araw kong pg gawa ng lesson plan nung OJT ako. and now, ngeenjoy ako s ibang field and nacocontinue ko ang career ko sa badminton while working. i dont know, pro nmimis ko dn ang pagtuturo. specially students! yay!
    oi sabay tau mgreview! haha. i decided to take d bored on sept.. sure n un 😛 hehe

  2. Dianne Peña Says:

    @abel- anu bang ginagawa mo sa work. haha! kala mo naman totoo yan 😛 hehe! anyway, sige sabay tayo, kelan ba start ng review? kailangna ko ng educ talaga. wala akong kaalam alam sa pinasok ko. hehehe :)) pwede namang 2 fields na sabay, parang ako ngayon. naks. 😛

  3. abel Says:

    haha! ngyn, nasa field ako ng mga engr at architech pro para akong accountancy sa trabaho ko. ngpaprocess ng mga billing ng mga supplier/contrators s mga on going n projects namen,paper works, etc… un ung mga residential buildings and condo n project ng robinsons! haha anlayo noh? pro enjoy naman! kht papano. kc ibang field, dagdag knowledge.lols. pati at d same tym company playr dn.d p dn ako ngsasawa mglaro!haha
    teka kelan nga b? mgtatanong tanong p ko kung san ok mgreview para d naman msyang db. hoho! umeeduc k n dn pla ah. ienjoy mo lng.. my pgkaboring sa una pro mgagamit mo lht yan pg asa field k n ng teaching pramis… hay kailangn ko mgreview,. dahil sabaw n utak ko.hehe.

  4. abel Says:

    naalala ko d k nga pla nglaload no buti nkta ko tong site mo. d2 nlng kta kausapin regarding review someday! haha. hay wla kme fb d2 kea bad3p. tweeet tweet lng at multiply ang naacces ko..yay. ge tc!

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