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Littlenars Nurse Trainee is now a Volunteer Nurse… :]

Monday, April 26th, 2010

They say… in the field of Nursing, it is not enough that you have memorized all the theories and nursing procedures… it’s not enough to assume and imagine… it’s not enough to watch videos and look for pictures… You have to practice and apply everything that you have learned in the actual setting and having my Professional Nurse Training Program at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center enabled me to do so.

At Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center, I have met a lot of people… I have expanded my network of friends and colleagues. Through them, I was able to hone my skills and realized that theory is very much different from the actual setting. I know I sound a little negative but that is reality. You will never learn just by books. You really have to go to a hospital and practice on how to be a NURSE.

In books, they don’t tell you on how to deal with patient’s questions, complaints, requests, violent behaviours etc but in the hospital, you will learn the style or shall I say the ART of Nursing… from the smallest details to the complicated ones.

Having my training for 3 months, I was able to appreciate everything that I have learned for 4 years at my nursing school. I gained confidence though at times I question myself… Anyway, before I start the drama, just read my previous blog posts here and here.

3 months is not enough but here comes Graduation… We have to bid goodbye to the hospital/ward routines… the staff nurses… MDs… Co-trainees… and my new found friends…

During our graduation, certificates were given and the top trainees of our batch will be promoted as Volunteer Nurses AKA Junior Staff Nurses (Wooaah?) and luckily out of 40 trainees (I think?) I was one of the chosen ones… LOL!

Congratulations FDM Batch 9 Trainees! God Bless Us All!

(and Good Luck to another chapter of LittleNars’ life as a Volunteer Nurse. Stay Tuned. :]])

Thank You Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center for such an AWESOME experience! :]

Group Outing you’re up… (I miss you Team De Panes :])

My UPOU Admission Essay for the Master of Arts in Nursing Program

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

The most popular college degree in the Philippines today is nursing. According to one article, there around 400,000 licensed nurses who are not gainfully employed and there is an estimated 80,000 board-passers joining the ranks each year. Many of them even end up paying for a job in a desperate attempt to obtain the necessary work experience.

The fact above is very alarming. Thus, it also increases the competition among Filipino Nurses here and abroad. It makes me think, “What is my edge among any other nurses?” then, that is when I thought of enrolling myself in a Master’s program. I know subjecting myself to a post-graduate study can be very demanding but I believe, with my strong motivation and dedication, I can claim my degree without me realizing that it is already done. I envision myself as a successful nurse with this degree as a tool in hand on dealing and promoting my patients’ well being.

As a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I feel that I need to expound my knowledge, skills and attitude with regards to this profession. With my status now, I must admit that I have yet to discover the wonders of this profession. This degree will be an aid in boosting my confidence in walking the path through my chosen field. In addition, it will also mold me into a well-rounded, mature person who can face any challenge this profession has to offer.

Most people think that a master’s degree is for “old” people but I believe that starting young will enable you to achieve more than you could have ever imagine yourself to attain. With my age, I know some will doubt my maturity as this program will progress but I believe I possess a firm adaptation and coping skills that will help me as this program goes in the long run. I have the energy and most especially, my unwavering faith in God that reigns above all.

I have come to choose UP Open University because the classes are offered via distance education. With that, I can earn my degree and at the same time gain experience in relation to my profession. I can certainly appreciate the things that will transpire because I can directly apply it in the real life setting. I strongly believe that this post graduate program in this institution will enable me to increase my competence in a major field in nursing, enhance my understanding about different nursing theories, principles, methodologies and its application, develop my critical thinking on certain nursing issues, and most especially, establish my own contribution in our health care delivery system through this career advancement.

Finishing this program will be my best achievement so far because this will serve as my transition from a novice to an expert nurse. After getting this degree, I plan to teach college-nursing students probably in lecture or in clinical set-up as my means in helping our country produce quality nurses.

I would be very pleased to join the distinguished class enrolling at University of the Philippines, Open University in the academic year 2010. Overall, I feel that UPOU can help me achieve my goals by preparing me to fulfill my obligation to myself, to society, and to the nursing profession.

Dianne Kristin G. Peña, R.N

March is Pedia Ward month :]

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Every end of the month, starts a new duty rotation…March means, Hello Pediatric Ward! :]

Pediatric ward was very much different from the Adult Ward though they both are a very busy area of the hospital. For an obvious reason that they cater different patients with different needs. Pedia Ward is the largest area in the hospital since it is the former, Children’s Medical Center. It consists of 3 wings, Floral, Middle and Medical Service wing. Plus, the fact that they also have, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

During my first week at Pedia Ward, I was having difficulty in adjusting because they have different manner in endorsing since they have 3 wings, they have several Pediatric Resident on Duty and very strict Input and Output monitoring. Good thing as weeks pass, I was able to establish homeostasis and I was able to go on my duty with ease and confidence.

Pedia Ward was my last rotation for my Professional Nurse Training Program at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center. I must savor each moment… What did I learn?

  • I learned to do suctioning on Mouth and ET tube
    I practiced calculating D/Q x S
    I was able to do Blood Transfusion with or without Infusion Pump (And I learned that Infusion Pump is the bomb. Haha Wish all the patients has it)
    I saw and was able to drain ileostomy for a 9 month old patient
    I learned that 5 year old kids are very strong (Inserting IV line)
    I was able to have duty at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    I was able to familiarize myself with a syringe infusion pump (hopefully will have a chance to prepare medication and operate it)
    I learned that IV Fluids in Pediatrics are very positional. You have to check it every now and then cause if not, you’re delayed and then screwed.
    VS in Pedia can be very complicated. Urgggh. (The moment they see a person in white, they will start to cry. Thank You So Much.)
    Mothers can be very toxic than the patient itself :]
    In Pedia, you’ve gotta love collecting diapers and inspecting it for stool characteristics.—-Done that :]

Since Pedia is the busiest ward and my last rotation, I realized that I am a Benign Nurse coz whenever I have my off, the ward has a lot of patients then when I came back, most of the patients were already discharged.

Thank You Pedia Ward!:]

End of March meaning…. its GRADUATION TIME :]

February is Adult Ward Month :]

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Wooah? No blogpost for the month of March? I must be very busy… or not? You be the judge :]

February is the Adult Ward month. There, I have met the most makulet, kwela and friendly staff nurses and Volunteer nurses at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center (well, at least for me :]) I have learned a lot, I have met different cases of patients that tested my knowledge, skills and attitude (niiiice :]). There, I was able to meet doctors that are willing to teach us and answer us if we have questions regarding the care for our patients. Being a nurse trainee for two months already, build up my confidence in dealing with patients and conversing with other health care team and hospital workers. I gained a lot of friends and acquaintances. Recalling my adult ward experiences…

  • Ironic as it may seem but my first patient was a pediatric…
    I learned how to drain everything that is drainable— Jackson Pratt, T-Tube, etc… (LOL.)
    I learned how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning IV line.
    I learned how to use an Infusion Pump
    I was able to insert an IV Catheter (for my patient and not just for completion of cases etc.)
    I was able to come up with a strategy in entering the patient’s room (conserving time/energy/effort)
    I was able to do ECG to my patient (but not interpreting it. It’s just pure nosebleed. LOL)
    I was able to administer chemotherapeutic drugs (but not preparing it, it’s a doctor thing to do)
    I was able to have a duty at the Adult Intensive Care Unit, though the patient is not that critical
    I was able to witness and assist in a bone marrow aspiration procedure
    I was able to admit a patient
    My achievement so far, I was able to assist my patient to the lobby via wheelchair that is bigger than me without assistance (I was afraid I might put my patient in danger. Haha)

I cannot enumerate everything but to sum it all up, my 12-hour duty at Adult Ward is very worth it and if given the chance, I would love to have my duty there again. Thank You ADULT WARD :]

I think, I lose 2 pounds there. Haha! I love it. :]

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