February is Adult Ward Month :]

April 5th, 2010 by Dianne Peña

Wooah? No blogpost for the month of March? I must be very busy… or not? You be the judge :]

February is the Adult Ward month. There, I have met the most makulet, kwela and friendly staff nurses and Volunteer nurses at Dr. Fe Del Mundo Medical Center (well, at least for me :]) I have learned a lot, I have met different cases of patients that tested my knowledge, skills and attitude (niiiice :]). There, I was able to meet doctors that are willing to teach us and answer us if we have questions regarding the care for our patients. Being a nurse trainee for two months already, build up my confidence in dealing with patients and conversing with other health care team and hospital workers. I gained a lot of friends and acquaintances. Recalling my adult ward experiences…

  • Ironic as it may seem but my first patient was a pediatric…
    I learned how to drain everything that is drainable— Jackson Pratt, T-Tube, etc… (LOL.)
    I learned how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning IV line.
    I learned how to use an Infusion Pump
    I was able to insert an IV Catheter (for my patient and not just for completion of cases etc.)
    I was able to come up with a strategy in entering the patient’s room (conserving time/energy/effort)
    I was able to do ECG to my patient (but not interpreting it. It’s just pure nosebleed. LOL)
    I was able to administer chemotherapeutic drugs (but not preparing it, it’s a doctor thing to do)
    I was able to have a duty at the Adult Intensive Care Unit, though the patient is not that critical
    I was able to witness and assist in a bone marrow aspiration procedure
    I was able to admit a patient
    My achievement so far, I was able to assist my patient to the lobby via wheelchair that is bigger than me without assistance (I was afraid I might put my patient in danger. Haha)

I cannot enumerate everything but to sum it all up, my 12-hour duty at Adult Ward is very worth it and if given the chance, I would love to have my duty there again. Thank You ADULT WARD :]

I think, I lose 2 pounds there. Haha! I love it. :]

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