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On chasing my timetable…

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Hi Guys.

Ok so I haven’t updated my blog since …… and I effin’ missed it. I have been [BUSY?] — Well.. I am still thinking of the right term to use… Hmmm.. OCCUPIED I guess? :] Ok, I have been occupied with reading and writing stuff. I am chasing my timetable and really, I WISH I HAVE PHOTOCOPIER’S ABILITY OR THE SCANNER’S so I could read fast in an instant and store the copy on my cranium. I even made a Google Calendar, printed it and posted it on my table but its not WORKING! T_T.  Its not that I don’t have time to go online, in fact I do because I am currently on Online schooling, if you have read my previous posts. It’s just that, I am updating Twitter and Facebook more often (I am so sorry Blog).

I am really fond of reading… well… reading NOVELS—not reading modules. I guess I am a MODULE CONVERT now. Gotta love my modules. I bring it every where I go so pardon my big bag :]

For the first few weeks, I developed a new habit— To tear my modules into pieces. And I think I am already good at it. No damaged pages. On checking our online classroom (Moodle), I don’t know if I will be delighted that I am not alone because of my classmates’ same sentiments or I will be intoxicated because of their our professor’s announcements of activities and my classmates’ posts about passing their homework and as to what module they are now in.

It got me thinking, AM I COPING or AM I NOT??? Well, I sure hope I am.

So sorry for my BLOG RANT. :] ‘Til my next post (Hopefully, its about adaptation already… :])

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