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My first semester as a Distance Ed student @ UP Open University

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

After weeks (or months?) of my mum untiringly forcing me to blog about my UP Open University experience, I finally decided to write it now…

For a month now, I have been on vacation… [OFF] from thick modules, supplemental books, home works, essays and forums. I am back to reading novels again and going out with my friends.

To recall my “first time” experience as a distance education student AKA “online” student let me give you my bulleted (yes, its bulleted for easy reading and writing. LOL) insight about it.

  • Time Management is the key to success. (I think, I am NEGATIVE at this part. LOL)
  • Experience in work and in life is important since you have to give and share examples in the application of the theories being tackled in the discussion/forums (I had difficulty in giving examples since I got little work experience compared to my classmates that is why I felt that my answers were “not that” substantial)
  • Comprehension and writing skills is a MUST-HAVE. There are a lot of reading and writing assignments. Assignments are not just about definition of terms and whatnot, you have to CONCEPTUALIZE, INTEGRATE, SYNTHESIZE etc. everything you have read from the modules and other reading materials in order to answer each question completely
  • Case Application is just a common type of test.
  • Patience is a virtue. —– Patience in trying to find the answer to unanswerable question… LOL Kidding aside, it took me a long time searching and thinking (?) for answers to the given situation… ‘cause mind you, it’s not as simple as just typing the question to GOOGLE.
  • You must LOVE THE INTERNET! Internet contains everything you need, just know the proper keywords to use. However, just be careful because I had problems since some of my classmates (we were 100+ in our class) were just CTRL+C and CTRL+V-ing in our discussion forums. Be sure to…. Please refer to the next bullet.
  • PARAPHRASE. Avoid Plagiarism. Use proper credit and acknowledgement in everything that you submit. I had troubles since I am not used to putting my resources. Nevertheless, I learned as time passes.
  • Know how to follow RUBRICS. Rubrics is some sort of a criteria as to what the professor is looking for your answer since essays are really hard to grade. It gives you the specifics, just follow that and you will get a perfect score.
  • READ and FINISH THE MODULES. ‘Nuff said. I am a victim of my own laziness because I didn’t read one chapter then it was included in our final exam for 15 points. I barely answered that part. It was sad, reaaaally sad.

My first semester went well I guess (?), though, I still haven’t received my grades yet for my 2 subjects. The second semester will start by next week, and yes, I am now enrolled. I am quite POSITIVE for the next semester for I now, know the drills of being a DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENT.

Will add more bullets if ever my neurons thought of some. 😛

LittleNars’ first WordCamp Experience: WordCamp Philippines 2010 :]

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Finally I was able to attend the WordCamp Philippines 2010 (3rd WordCamp event in the Philippines) with my mum and brother, Jeric at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde last October 2, 2010. I wasn’t able to attend to the first and 2nd WordCamp (though I was registered to the said event) because yes, you’ve guessed it right, DUTY CALLS…

Guess how I have attended this year’s??? Hmmmmm…. (Soooo not allowed to tell :P)

Anyway, after attending WordCamp Philippines 2010, the first thing that I did was to update my WordPress blog and asked Jeric if he had a back-up of all the posts that I made here. Luckily, he said YES ‘cause now I don’t need to be worried of doing such.

I thought WordCamp was only for bloggers using the platform WordPress but also for website developers (don’t ask me about this, I am just a plain blogger…LOL!)

I attended 3 “breakaway sessions” in the morning such as:

  • WordPress Setup and Maintenance by Markku Seguerra
  • The Internet is not just for Porn (Videos can be wholesome, too!) by Kring Elenzano
  • Blogging with Passion by Jayvee Fernandez

Then, in the afternoon, we were gathered at the hall/theater (whatsoever) for some talks and Q and A portion with the “Mr. WordPress” himself, Matt Mullenweg.

I thought this was just some blogging event, but I was wrong. We had certificates!!!:] too bad I can’t place it on my “Comprehensive Resume” because yes, it is not “some-kind-of-related to Nursing” Ughh.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank WordCamp Philippines 2010 organizers and its sponsors for an awesome event. I was able to spend bonding time with my family too :]

*Pardon me for this super late post. :]

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