My first semester as a Distance Ed student @ UP Open University

October 30th, 2010 by Dianne Peña

After weeks (or months?) of my mum untiringly forcing me to blog about my UP Open University experience, I finally decided to write it now…

For a month now, I have been on vacation… [OFF] from thick modules, supplemental books, home works, essays and forums. I am back to reading novels again and going out with my friends.

To recall my “first time” experience as a distance education student AKA “online” student let me give you my bulleted (yes, its bulleted for easy reading and writing. LOL) insight about it.

  • Time Management is the key to success. (I think, I am NEGATIVE at this part. LOL)
  • Experience in work and in life is important since you have to give and share examples in the application of the theories being tackled in the discussion/forums (I had difficulty in giving examples since I got little work experience compared to my classmates that is why I felt that my answers were “not that” substantial)
  • Comprehension and writing skills is a MUST-HAVE. There are a lot of reading and writing assignments. Assignments are not just about definition of terms and whatnot, you have to CONCEPTUALIZE, INTEGRATE, SYNTHESIZE etc. everything you have read from the modules and other reading materials in order to answer each question completely
  • Case Application is just a common type of test.
  • Patience is a virtue. —– Patience in trying to find the answer to unanswerable question… LOL Kidding aside, it took me a long time searching and thinking (?) for answers to the given situation… ‘cause mind you, it’s not as simple as just typing the question to GOOGLE.
  • You must LOVE THE INTERNET! Internet contains everything you need, just know the proper keywords to use. However, just be careful because I had problems since some of my classmates (we were 100+ in our class) were just CTRL+C and CTRL+V-ing in our discussion forums. Be sure to…. Please refer to the next bullet.
  • PARAPHRASE. Avoid Plagiarism. Use proper credit and acknowledgement in everything that you submit. I had troubles since I am not used to putting my resources. Nevertheless, I learned as time passes.
  • Know how to follow RUBRICS. Rubrics is some sort of a criteria as to what the professor is looking for your answer since essays are really hard to grade. It gives you the specifics, just follow that and you will get a perfect score.
  • READ and FINISH THE MODULES. ‘Nuff said. I am a victim of my own laziness because I didn’t read one chapter then it was included in our final exam for 15 points. I barely answered that part. It was sad, reaaaally sad.

My first semester went well I guess (?), though, I still haven’t received my grades yet for my 2 subjects. The second semester will start by next week, and yes, I am now enrolled. I am quite POSITIVE for the next semester for I now, know the drills of being a DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENT.

Will add more bullets if ever my neurons thought of some. 😛

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19 Responses to “My first semester as a Distance Ed student @ UP Open University”

  1. My First Semester as a UPOU Graduate Student | Distance Education in the Philippines Says:

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  2. BJ369 Says:

    Good Job!

    Don’t forget your other PLUS FACTORS in surviving DE. Remember, there may be more intelligent and more experienced classmates, but your edge is your brilliancy.

    Brilliancy in a way, you know more how to effectively express your thoughts. An advantage which make others look dumb especially during class presentations.

    Brilliancy in knowing POWERPOINT, PHOTOSHOP, MOVIEMAKER… etc. and everything that is very useful in making presentations.

  3. ferdz Says:

    hi i read your blog and learned that you are enrolled in UPOU. I will be enrolling this coming sem under BAMS. may i know how is the mode of payment for the UPOU.. i mean is it full payment or like regular universities that there is also an installment… thanks (hope i can hear from you)

    I’ve emailed UPOU but no reply till now. maybe they are busy due to their graduation. i need to know so that i can make plans.. thanks so much!

  4. Ssssh Says:

    Wow this is cool, i will be enrolling this coming sem too! BAMS!

  5. Dianne Peña Says:

    @ferdz- Hi! The mode of payment is full payment and you can pay at any Philippine National Bank branch. You can address your payment to UP Open University… All you need is your student number. Congratulations and Good Luck to us! 🙂

  6. Dianne Peña Says:

    @Ssssh- Thank you! Congratulations and Good luck! 🙂

  7. laine Says:

    hi dianne,

    i enjoy reading your blog. its very informative and useful. Is it possible for me to enroll myself in UP online education while I am working here in saudi arabia? I really wanted to pursue my studies in nursing. i wanna know the requirements… and how much I should pay for the tuition fee. more power to your blog thank you for reading..=)

  8. Dianne Peña Says:

    @laine- Hi! UP Open University supports off shore students (students working abroad). You can visit their website at for the requirements and your queries. I am not really familiar regarding off shore requirement. Its better if you will email them personally.

  9. oohlinaiah Says:

    Hi Dianne,

    In what program are you enrolled right now.. how many units and how much pls. give me an idea because i really need to plan for this.. Thanks 😀

  10. Dianne Peña Says:

    Hi oohlinaiah, i am currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Nursing program. I have already earned 24 units and per semester, my enrolment fee is about 9k (6 units + misc. fee).

  11. danecca Says:

    Hi Dianne, I am currently working here in Abu dhabi as a registered nurse. My application for MAN was approved and I am so happy to pass by on your blog. It gives me an idea on how to be a distant learner…=)

  12. ann Says:

    i want to start this coming second sem, are they accepting applicants?

  13. Dianne Peña Says:

    @Ann- As far as i know, UPOU only accepts new students during the first semester. However, you may visit their website and email them for your queries. Visit

  14. Dianne Peña Says:

    @Danecca, Hi! Glad that my blog was able to help you with the coming semester. Congratulations! See you at Moodle.

  15. esha Says:

    Hi. Ur blog is very useful.! But yeah i do hv s0me questi0n th0ugh, may i kn0w if how l0ng will it takes to finish ‘baMS ,? And cn you exceed to 6units per sem? Do they actually credited s0me subj if ur a transfer student frm diff uni? Tnx those are my questi0n f0r n0w :p .thankyou .


  16. Dianne Peña Says:

    Hi esha, i am not familiar with BAMS degree. I think they dont credit subjects from other schools. Your program chair will have to evaluate you first before you can exceed the alotted 6units/sem.

  17. Vanessa Montealegre Says:

    Hi Ms. Dianne, how long does the result of admission released? I applied for DLVM and awaiting for the result. Thank you for your tips on how to be a distant learner. I’m really excited! 🙂

  18. Princess Lydia Says:

    Hi! I would like to ask if you have idea/s on the DATE of UPOU type of test, topics, and the like. Thanks

  19. Jeffrey Q Apat Says:

    Hi, I have exactly the same question as Princess’…

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