Starting the second semester right…

November 26th, 2010 by Dianne Peña

The start of the second semester didn’t really register in my system until I saw the course guide, reading materials, schedules and the requirements. I still have the hang of my semestral break without those thick modules and “neuron-depleting” FMAs.

Anyway, I must continue and finally set my mind to start reading and reading and reading and reading… Did I just typed “reading” 4x or 5? LOL.

My subjects for the second semester are Adult Health Nursing (N260) and Public Mental Health (IH 220). I was planning to take one subject but I changed my mind because I want to be on time and take all the subjects I can while I am just a volunteer nurse.

The class opened last November 6, 2010 and since then, I printed for I think a REAM of short bond paper for the reading materials. Good thing our printer is on continuous ink (which means I don’t have to worry on printing fees) and my mom has a “ream” of scratch paper to print on. Sadly, after a day of printing, our dear old printer bid its goodbye after serving its purpose for almost 2 years.

My mini-white board and corkboard is active again with writings and pins for schedules and things to read on. Sadly, I must let go the novel I was reading (House Rules by Jodi Picoult) and turn (and tear, yes tear or may I say RIP!) the pages of my modules again.

As with the proposed reading schedule, I must say, I am working really hard to keep on track because I don’t want to cram (like last semester) and overwhelm myself with numerous modules to read near deadline.

It is good to see familiar faces in both subjects I am taking as I read forums posts and I am very positive that I will finish this semester with pride.

So help me God. :]]

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  1. heidi Says:

    Hi Dianne, would you recommend a first time DE learner to enroll in 6 units (2 courses) right away for the 1st semester? Given the amount of reading and writing to be done, I might not be able to give enough time since I am working. Would appreciate your comment. thanks

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