Here goes my unemployment drama :P

December 30th, 2010 by Dianne Peña

Is it really too much to ask for a job? — the question that is painstakingly ruining through my system.

Let me give you an overview as to where this post is coming from…

April 2009 marked the start of my unemployment.
June 2009 marked the start of my “Registered Nurse” status
January 2010 marked the start of me being a “Nurse Trainee”
April 2010 marked the start of me being a “Volunteer Nurse”
July 2010 marked the start of me being entitled as a “Junior Staff Nurse” (Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am promoted, It’s just a EUPHEMISM of the above…)

Since then… NOTHING has changed.

December 2010 marked the last day of my hospital duty for the year.

What did I get?

Well… I did learn a lot, made me gain confidence and some “strategies” in making my work as “SWABE” as possible. To be honest there were times that I just wanna ditch my duties because of “same-old” cases but I am still THANKFUL because EVERY DAY is a LEARNING DAY.

I ask myself, why is a decent nursing job so aloof or distant –shall I say? Am I not ready or am I just not looking closely?

Looking back at my monthly tweets with hashtag of #wish one thing in common is “EMPLOYMENT” and now that the year is coming to its end… I wish for 2011 to be…



Oh look…

Dear Facebook Apps, Thank you sooooo much! YOU GAVE ME HOPE 😛

*Pardon for my EMO post :P*

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